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Year: 2019

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The Star Kids! 

Bollywood isn’t just about actors and actresses, but also about their entire family. Bollywood now is more about the star kids who are or willing to be a part of the film industry. Wanting to know who those star kids are? Take a look below;…

Celebrity buzz

Recent Celebrity Deaths 2019 

The year of 2019 has brought great things for us to cherish. The TV series has become popular more than ever with the cheap availability of internet packages and platforms like Netflix and Amazon. The year also has taken away many things from us, especially…


Tips for Content Marketers 

Point being, if your goal with content is to answer the questions your potential buyers are searching for online, and you’re willfully choosing not to cover some topics because they make you uncomfortable as a marketer, you’re leaving money on the table. I know you’re too…