Tim Prepare dinner verified what we ended up already very absolutely sure we knew: He never achieved with Elon Musk about Apple getting Tesla.

In a extensive-ranging New York Instances job interview with Kara Swisher, the Apple CEO briefly spoke about his firm’s pursuit of a foothold in the rising self-driving auto room. Cook exhibited standard company shyness relating to Apple’s vehicle jobs, but he did make it apparent that he has, in actuality, in no way communicated directly with Musk.

“You know, I have never ever spoken to Elon, though I have great admiration and regard for the organization he’s constructed,” Prepare dinner told the Occasions. “I feel Tesla has accomplished an unbelievable career of not only setting up the lead, but holding the lead for this sort of a extended period of time in the EV space. So I have good appreciation for them.”

In December, Musk tweeted that he experienced regarded as marketing Tesla to Apple for pennies on the dollar when his enterprise was battling. He stated Cook “refused” to fulfill, and while Prepare dinner didn’t specifically place it that way, the end final result is the very same: The two never bought alongside one another to communicate about any possible sale.

As for the oft-rumored Apple Vehicle, Cook did not give us a great deal to do the job with. He declined to tackle whether or not Apple would develop a auto itself or acquire engineering for present vehicles, while modern rumors issue to a partnership with Hyundai. The most sizeable factor Cook explained on the issue is that Apple operates on a good deal of things that hardly ever come out, even if that isn’t really the situation for Apple’s car undertaking.

“We look into so lots of things internally. Quite a few of them in no way see the gentle of day,” Cook mentioned. “I’m not indicating that one particular will not.”

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