Like a close friend telling the team chat they have safely and securely arrived at their holiday vacation vacation spot, NASA’s Perseverance rover captured a selfie Tuesday future to the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars.

The selfie was shared in GIF form on Wednesday, a two-frame animation in which Perseverance’s mast digital camera (aka its head) is hunting at the digital camera and again at Ingenuity. Ingenuity was connected to Perseverance’s underside all through the 293-million-mile journey from Earth and properly deployed onto the Martian floor Saturday.

The selfie was captured employing a digital camera on Perseverance’s extendable arm identified as WATSON. That is brief for Vast Angle Topographic Sensor for Functions and eNgineering, and it really is connected to the SHERLOC instrument in a nod to the renowned fictional detective duo. Whilst WATSON wasn’t accurately developed for selfies, it labored out good listed here.

Unlike selfies we consider with our phones, this was a minor far more tricky to make. The photo is a composite of 62 photos taken with WATSON that have been stitched alongside one another. It is a process pretty identical to the selfie from NASA’s Curiosity rover in 2018.

The Ingenuity helicopter guiding Perseverance is screening out its systems before it tends to make its to start with flight attempt on Mars in April. Meanwhile, Perseverance is driving out of the way for its have protection.

As Ingenuity performs its exams and Perseverance explores the Jezero Crater, a extend of Mars that was the moment dwelling to a river delta, expect additional photographs documenting this interplanetary journey.

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