Robots will produce you beer. Just not in the way we imagined.

YouTuber Michael Reeves received his palms on Boston Dynamics’ robot pet dog, Place, and of all the issues he could’ve accomplished with it, he turned it into a beer-pissing robot.

Sure, it truly is exactly what it seems like. Reeves equipped Location with a tank of beer, a nozzle, a digicam, and a wi-fi HDMI sign transmitter, between other gizmos. He also wrote some intelligent code to make the robot realize an empty beer cup on the ground, place alone in excess of it, and spray beer into it.

Ideally, if you were being at one particular of Reeves’ functions, you could place an empty beer cup on the floor, and the robot dog would occur and fill it up.

It won’t perform correctly. Location often missed the cup and slipped on the beer-coated-slippery flooring. Continue to, supplied the degree of precision necessary to do this stunt, it’s pretty incredible that it even worked some of the time.

Observe the entire online video (earlier mentioned) to see how Reeves did it. The job necessary programming know-how, some critical Do-it-yourself competencies, and fairly a little bit of time and enthusiasm. In other phrases, will not go buying a incredibly costly robot pet just so you can switch it into a beerbot, because it’s pretty damn challenging to do.

And, although at $75,000, Spot is even now out of most people’s price range, this training displays just how bizarre our reality will come to be after these types of robots become commonplace.

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