NASA has a approach to place individuals back again on the area of the moon, and that strategy formally features SpaceX now. 

The space agency declared Friday that it awarded the non-public rocket business a $2.89 billion agreement to build a “commercial human lander” with the aim of putting two people today on the lunar surface area. 

“The agency’s potent Place Launch Process rocket will start 4 astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft for their multi-day journey to lunar orbit,” reads the announcement in part. “There, two crew associates will transfer to the SpaceX human landing system (HLS) for the remaining leg of their journey to the surface of the Moon.”

The lander will be a critical element of the Artemis software, which aims to be the very first crewed mission to the moon in the 21st century. Notably, NASA has promised to acquire a person compact step for equivalent illustration in placing a woman and a particular person of color on the two-person landing crew.

SpaceX, for its component, is delighted by the information. 

“NASA announced they have chosen Starship to land the initially astronauts on the lunar surface because the Apollo method,” reads a SpaceX press launch championing the deal. “We are humbled to support NASA usher in a new period of human area exploration.”

According to NASA, the the Artemis application aims to get astronauts to the lunar floor in 2024, and is a key stage toward extra place exploration.  

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“This incremental build-up of abilities on and all over the Moon is crucial to establishing longterm exploration of Earth’s nearest neighbor and making ready for human exploration of Mars,” NASA points out.

Which, if his Twitter feed is any sign, is a objective that’s shared by SpaceX’s founder, Elon Musk.

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