How Hard are AirTags? We Froze, Washed and Dried, Ran Above, and Set Them in the Hot Sun

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Might 12th, 2021 by
Kirk McElhearn

You get very good care of your Apple iphone or iPad, but AirTags aren’t meant to be coddled. If you have just one with a keyring, it’ll be in your pocket or purse, acquiring scratched and bounced all around. If you place just one in your gym bag, it’ll sit close to in the trunk of your auto in excessive temperatures in summer time or winter season. And if you overlook a single in a pocket, it could go by way of the washing machine and dryer.

I place a couple of AirTags through the most grueling stress assessments I could come across. Here’s what took place.

Have on and tear

It is obviously too quickly to know what will happen to an AirTag about time. The overall body of the machine is built of strong plastic and stainless steel. And it is sealed so it’s splash, h2o, and dust resistant (rated IP67 – greatest depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes – less than IEC regular 60529). But if you have a single on a essential ring, and place it in your pocket or purse, it’ll get scratched. This won’t impact how it functions if just about anything, a properly-worn AirTag is a effectively-loved AirTag.

I obtain it stunning that companies are promoting “AirTag monitor protectors” on Amazon, because, nicely, there’s no screen. The marketing level is to protect the stainless steel facet from scratches, but what is the issue? This product costs $29, or $25 if you get a 4-pack you seriously should not fret about getting a few scratches on it.

AirTags and the features

The AirTag is obviously designed to be employed in a wide variety of disorders, much more so than an Apple iphone or iPad. Apple tells you that these latter devices ought to not be made use of in excessive temperatures:

Use iOS equipment the place the ambient temperature is among 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F).

They will however perform in colder or hotter temperatures, but:

Minimal- or superior-temperature ailments may well bring about the gadget to transform its actions to regulate its temperature. Employing an iOS system in really chilly circumstances outdoors of its working variety may well temporarily shorten battery existence and could bring about the system to transform off.

AirTags don’t occur with any these kinds of warnings, and they are clearly built to be applied, at the very least often, in extra severe temperatures. The trunk of your car will be perfectly below freezing in wintertime, and in summer time, it can hit some serious highs. If you have an AirTag in your baggage when you fly, it’ll be outdoors at situations, and it could be very cold if it sits on the tarmac in Greenland, or really very hot if it is waiting to be loaded in a plane in the Center East. (The temperature in the baggage keep of a passenger aircraft is commonly previously mentioned 7º C, or about 44º F, so there are no worries in transit.)

Also, if you drop your keys outside, and the AirTag just cannot support the temperature in summertime or winter, then what’s the place of using an AirTag to try out to obtain them?

Severe temperatures will have an impact on the battery in the AirTag, but will most likely have no effect on the rest of the product. Most CR2032 batteries, which energy AirTags, have an working temperature vary of -30º C (-22º F) to 60º C (140º F), which is effectively past the array in which people can live. My AirTags have Panasonic batteries, which are rated for people temperatures, but some batteries of this type have an prolonged temperature assortment, for use outside, from -40º C to 85º C. If you want to use an AirTag in these temperatures, you can obtain batteries with that prolonged temperature array.

Though you may discover some spots to take a look at that are below the range of AirTag batteries, the highest may well not be that really hard to achieve. If you go away a thing with an AirTag in the sunlight in your car, the temperature could simply tactic that restrict.

Anxiety screening AirTags

I attempted numerous pressure exams with some of my AirTags. I set just one in my freezer, at -22º C (-7.6º F), and it did not blink. I set an additional in my auto, less than the windshield, with each other with a thermometer. It’s not very scorching this time of calendar year, and the temperature only got to 44º C (111.2º F). With a range of -30º – 60º C, there’s not much to fret about if you use AirTags in usual weather conditions, but in sizzling summer months, preserve just about anything with AirTags out of the sun in your auto.

It’s doable that you may well forget about your keys in a pocket, and set them in the clean. I place just one of my AirTags in the clean, likely by way of a regular wash cycle at 40º C, and then in the dryer. When washing, the AirTag will be in drinking water for much more than the rater 30 minutes, so there’s a possibility of seepage, but mine was great. I’d stress about repeated publicity to h2o in a washing equipment over time, so check out not to forget about your keys.

The other way an AirTag could be harmed in a washing machine is when you spin dry your load. I ran mine at 1400 rpm, and this did not hurt the product. I feel it is attainable that it could open when spinning, but that may well be an edge circumstance.

My dryer doesn’t show its genuine temperature, given that it is variable dependent on the humidity of the load, but documentation suggests that the optimum temperature is 70º C. So there’s a possibility of your dryer exceeding the temperature of the AirTag’s battery, but most dryers max out at all around 60º C, or 135º F.

Lastly, I wished to uncover out how sturdy the plastic situation of the AirTag was. I park my auto in a graveled parking space, the fantastic area to test its robustness. I drove again and forth more than the AirTag, and even stepped on it and floor it, considerably ignominiously, into the gravel, then on a sidewalk. The AirTag got nicely scuffed, and the only challenge was that, with repeated treading, the gadget sooner or later opened, rendering it unusable to keep track of anything at all, considering the fact that the battery wasn’t seated correctly.

AirTags can stand up to a ton, and they are very well developed for most of the excessive circumstances they’ll face. Never fear too considerably about how you deal with them, and, by all usually means, don’t acquire AirTag monitor protectors.


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