When it comes to viral food items recipes, the online has viewed its truthful share of horrors. Amongst strawberry biryani and butter chai, stating that people are going ever more experimental would be a little bit of an understatement. Right after ruining some staples from the Indian cuisine, a food stuff experimentalist determined to test the possible of everyone’s favorite snack – potato chips. And no, we are not speaking about mashed potatoes built with boiled potato chips (because that exists and has been documented in a TikTok online video), we’re chatting about an abomination of a new variety – potato chips curry.

Yup, another person produced a plate of Indian-fashion potato chips curry. Pics of the dish have sinc gone viral. It appears to be a normal curry with a generous serving to of green chilies on major. The chips could be Lays but let’s not search too intently, alright?

The images ended up uploaded on a Facebook team named ‘Kolkata Foodstuff Trotters’ captioned presumably by the maker, as “Chips Curry (My possess thought)”. It was shared by a Twitter user who rightly albeit jokingly questioned for felony action in opposition to the brilliant head who came up with the thought of a potato chips curry.

I imply, the most important concern is of system, why? And why does a person have to reverse engineer potato chips into an component in its place of making use of potatoes in the first spot? It can not just be for enjoyable.

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Desi Twitter is horrified and with this hottest addition to the lengthy listing of bizarre meals.

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Protect artwork: Bhavya Poonia/Mashable India

Impression: Twitter

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