Just like the god of mischief himself, Loki has thrown a wrench in every little thing we imagined we realized. Just when Episode 2 of the new Disney+ series looked to be following a procedural plot involving Loki and Mobius searching a variant of the Loki we (form of) know, its closing moments revealed that the hunted variant is somebody (form of) new: a female-presenting variant of Loki. A.K.A Woman Loki. 

There ended up some hints leading to this expose that only look clear in hindsight. Shortly just before Loki‘s premiere, Disney+ verified that Loki is a genderfluid character in advertising resources for the clearly show. Thinking about that Loki’s powers include things like shapeshifting into any sort he would like, those people varieties can logically be any gender (or be genderless) at will. Loki’s male form is a presentation, not a regular, so a different “edition” of him that is similarly fluid and offers otherwise is kind of a specified. 

Also, the starting of this episode starts with the variant Lady Loki pulling off a mysterious time crime to the kickass strains of Bonnie Tyler’s “Keeping Out for a Hero.” Ideal before the battle begins, an announcer for the Renaissance reasonable introduces the scrap as “a excellent battle,” the prize for which is “our princess.” Seconds afterward, the Loki variant— a princess of Asgard — takes over a TVA agent’s overall body and commences her attack. 

So who is Lady Loki? In the comics, Girl Loki is a sort-of reincarnation of the god of mischief, born soon after Ragnarok rocked Asgard and triggered Loki to reenter existence in the entire body of Woman Sif. This Loki went on to do all kinds of comic reserve villainy with a host of other baddies whose names are very likely irrelevant for the Loki clearly show (Doctor Doom! Norman Osborne!), but she crucially was Loki, entire with his shapeshifting powers. 

Insofar in Loki, it really is difficult to know if the Woman Loki variant is simply just a woman-presenting form of the normal entity that is Loki, indicating that our genderfluid Loki could turn out to be a Girl Loki if he preferred to and vice versa, or if the Girl Loki right here is a gender-locked variant of the character who occurs to be a woman in a different timeline. Mobius’ mini slideshow exhibiting alternate types of Loki that the TVA has by now pruned suggests that Loki is just unique in other timelines, but whether or not or not that difference is for the reason that the “Loki entity” chooses individuals kinds or is locked into them is another secret. 

There is, having said that, a third solution. The character performed by Sophie de Martino who is recognized by the TVA as a Loki Variant may perhaps not be Girl Loki at all. Decider pointed out that the Castilian dub of Loki Episode 2 credits this character as “Sylvie,” which is also the initially identify of the Marvel character Enchantress/Sylvie Lushton. In the comics, Sylvie is a mortal lady with perplexing origins: she was possibly a human female who Loki gave Asgardian powers for entertaining, or a daily life type created by Loki to think she was a human lady who imagined she produced Asgardian powers…also for enjoyable. Both way, her powers and existence are tied inextricably to Loki, so there is certainly a superior opportunity our Lady Loki is basically Enchantress. Or she’s equally.

Loki has been described as possessing a large affect on Section 4 of the MCU and the final times of this episode may possibly make clear why. Episode 2 finished with the Lady Loki character convincing our Loki variant to be a part of her in some kind of plan that resulted in the mass-scale splintering of the sacred timeline — it may perhaps finally be time to established our MCU multiverse countdown clocks to zero, with the chaos of many timelines basically starting to be the a number of universes that opens the door to interdimensional mayhem for the rest of the franchise’s existence. 

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