Tesla is owning an event called Tesla AI Working day on August 19, enterprise CEO Elon Musk has introduced.

Tesla had a Tesla Autonomy Day in 2019, and Tesla Battery Working day in 2020, but it by no means had an party solely dedicated to synthetic intelligence.

Musk shared very little else about the function, moreover its most important intention: to influence the very best AI talent to join Tesla.

Having said that, Musk small-key declared the occasion back again in June, when he tweeted the company is searching at keeping an AI working day in about a thirty day period.

“Will go around progress with Tesla AI software & hardware, each teaching & inference. Reason is recruiting,” he wrote.

This may possibly mean that the meeting will be a bit tougher to comply with than your regular technologies party, at minimum if you are not an AI qualified. But if the intention is to hire the world’s best AI gurus, then that tends to make perception.

Tesla is at the forefront of AI investigation, with each other with businesses this kind of as Normal Motors or Alphabet’s Waymo, as the organization races to convert its cars into self-driving cars. Not long ago, Tesla enabled its Whole Self-Driving deal as a beta solution for Tesla drivers, increasing worries irrespective of whether that form of application must be deployed at all until it is entirely ready.

Notably, Musk has expressed his worries about the danger of AI on multiple instances, contacting it “probably far more risky than nukes” and worrying that we may well flip AI into “an immortal dictator from which we would in no way escape.” It’s possible we will locate out if he nonetheless feels that way on August 19.

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