60 cows died due to suffocation near Amravati— yet another case of illegal Cattle transport.

A truck with 80 cattles, out of which 60-70 died due to suffocation was found 25 km away from Amravati. The truck was found to be coming from Madhya Pradesh, carrying cattles to be smuggled to Maharashtra and Hyderabad. However, Amravati Gramin Police with its vigilance caught hold of the vehicle at 2 ‘o clock in the night when foul smell of dead animals paved way to suspicion.

60 cows died
60 cows died

After monitoring the vehicle, it was found that the animals were jam-packed in the truck sealing their mouths and some were even trampled upon by others as there was little space for 80 cattles.

Loni activists called upon the Chief Gaurakshak of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP)— Vijay Sharma, and informed him about the illegal transportation, after which he rushed to the spot with his other activists. Raju Pathak— a member of Bhajpa Yuva Morcha and others made arrangements for the burial of the dead cattles.

The Gaurakshaks of VHP often inform police about the illegal transportation of cattle causing their deaths in the border of Madhya Pradesh and gramin areas of Nagpur.
Even after frequent convention in this sensitive issue, the illegal transportation of cattles is yet to halt. Not many days ago, there was again a report of 12 tonne of illegal cattle meat to be found in a nearby Yavatmaal District.

Despite a clear red signal on cattle slaughter, smuggling of the meat is still on run which may warn about the dubiousness of the methodology of Police and Border Checkpoints. The death of innocent cattles due to suffocation as there was no space left for them to even move their heads is a matter of great concern, where as the question— How these trucks get passed the Border Checkpoints and the whereabouts of the Cattle Mafia still remains unanswered.

Thank you Shrishti Vishwakarma for transcription.

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