The Age of too much Information


Are we are today living in an era where too much information is too easily available to us? Almost at the same time as an event occurs, it becomes available for the whole world to be seen and judged. The advent of social media in our lives has not only marked the end of privacy but also snatched our mind’s basic fundamental power to think and decide for ourselves.

An unfortunate incident occurred a few days back when a depressed youth decided to tragically end his own life. While this extreme measure taken by him was as desperate as it can get, the fact that he chose to broadcast the act on social media sadly highlights how lonely he may have been.

The other albeit an ugly side of today’s technology remains that we have all been alienated from each other and are eventually seeking attention or a validation in some form or another.

Social media has also managed to make the establishment and the system accountable and answerable to the masses to a certain extent. But while questioning the policies of the government in a constructive way can easily lead to you being labeled  as an “anti national” on the other hand its also in vogue to mock any and everything the system does.

Opinions are created and marketed for the masses. Cyber bullying is at its prime and if you do try to voice your opinion or try to think out aloud, there is a whole group of people waiting to immediately put you into a category of their choice and adding a label of their liking.

For example, if you’re “anti modi” you’re automatically a “liberal” and if you question Hinduism you’re labelled “secular” What about constructive issue based debates?

I have personally discovered that spending too much time on the social media actually ends up giving you very little credible information although it can very strongly influence alter your thought process.

In today’s day and age, a hand held device has actually become like an armour to protect us from appearing alone in a crowd. Look around you and you will see every other person with their head bowed down and lost in their mobile devices as if  avoiding any kind of eye contact from people around. I cant help but wonder if we’re all coming closer virtually and yet being so far from reality. Is that what we want for ourselves and generations to come?

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