Beauty & Fitness go hand in hand

Beauty & Fitness
Beauty & Fitness

Today generation is all about looking good age doesn’t matter all are going extra mile to look good. In olden days people didn’t have to try to hard to look good because of desi ghee natural food and calm in their life. All our older family members used to get up at 4 daily go for their walks  have a  bath with cold water even in acute winters they really inspired me a lot.

  • All our ancestors would cherish good fresh air natural food.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are fat thin skinny are u fit which is important.
  • A fit beautiful person is one who does things right and gets sleep right because of doing right things at right time in all honesty.
  • Each individual is beautiful in their own way and has their own hidden talents.
  • Necessary is to have a healthy lifestyle and fit mind. It gives maximum peace do do good yes one does expect that people will remember what you do for them but not all remember.
  • Still keep doing good.
  • Peace is seldom possible in today’s hard crunching world.
  • Peace can be got by our heart and not competing or comparing with others.
  • My funda if you have to take anything from others take their positives and cut their negatives .
  • In my course till now I have met many people who are beautiful in their own way.
  • My first job had a great gang which was a mix of intelligent fit smart and naughty people.
  • In my later jobs I met people. There are some people who are thin but work really hard and brains are awesome
    Some who sing beautifully some who are apt in multitasking important is to realise your beauty . Workout is important for a healthy life some are mothers and doing work simultaneously some are fit excellent mothers and write well

    Remember it is what u want to be that imp not what others want you to. I was a chubby kid and never cared but one day I remember had to wear a lehenga at my cousin sisters wedding and someone remarked I will look fat it hit me.

  • Lost weight like crazy became 42 kegs which was underweight.
  • I am good 54 now but yes fight to lose weight was crazy still avoid eating heavy food.
  • Dieting never helps you will splurge again if you cut down all foods.
  • Correct dieting with fitness and doing right things is what will make you beautiful.
  • People all over our same maybe with different features different body types but beautiful surely.
  • Let the anger subdue let the negativism go let the jealousy go then you get peace as well as your beauty is enhanced This is very tough as we can’t be perfect but can try to improve our shortcomings

    Life is one make the most spend quality time in enjoying doing good eating right thinking straight and spending time with your loved ones

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