Running out of time? Your work life isn’t permitting you to stay connected to happenings that’s going around the world? You know more have to take out time specifically to watch the news. You can stay updated while doing your daily report and the credit goes to the news app. Have a look below to know about the most trusted news apps on which you can rely upon.

Google News

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Google news is known for giving detailed information about every story they post.

BBC News

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Through one tap, you can get latest reports from any country.

Smart News

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Smart News permits you for an offline reading experience.


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Inshorts gives you information in less than 60 words.


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For entertainment lovers, TopBuzz is the one as it focuses more on the entertainment news.


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Feedly is known for its rapidly updating of content.


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Flipboard provides you news as per your preferences.


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Scribd, apart from sharing news also has a protuberant collection of e-book as well as audiobook sources.

News Break: Local and Breaking

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To save your time, New Break features immediate news on the lock screen.


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Reddit is known for an updating well balanced news about entertainment and news.

And here the list ends. Through the above-mentioned apps, you would always be updated. Thank you for your time.