So, what ‪‎BJP‬ should learn from ‪Assam‬ and ‪‎Bihar‬ Assembly Elections Results ?

Sarbananda Sonowal
Sarbananda Sonowal

So BJP is leading Assam and rising for a historical win in North East for the first in history after Independence. But how Assam assembly was different from Bihar assembly polls. 

Here are few conclusions from Assam and Bihar, which BJP should definitely realise if thet are struggling for State Politics or dreaming to get majority in Rajya Sabha :

1. A good face of State Leadership.

2. Narendra Modi is a national figure.

3. Narendra Modi is a polarizing factor, attracts crowd.

4. All crowd of Modi is not voter.

5. Identify the key issue of states.

6. Separate study teams should declare for southern states.

7. Amit Shah and Modi should understand, national politics is away from State Politics.

8. Too much visits of National, Cabinet and Ministers wont effect voters, finally its state leadership and goodwill works of party and reliable state leadership.

9. Rigorous working in state 24×7 and your attachment from voters, will only effect voters in State.

This is irony or joke to say, how BJP gained in Assam. Assam is widely suffered by Bangaldesis, that Sonowal converted into election theme of BJP. Same way BJP failed to impress Biharis because entire compaign was moving all around Modi. Modi was the image on which party was expected to sail his boat. But people of Bihar were knowing well that, Modi can not be his CM. Second entire politics was leaded by national leaders, out of that many of them were from outside Bihar. Rivals of BJP targeted the same things, which BJP was legging in Bihar.
In Assam, situation was totally different, Sonowal was tested candidate of Assam, who made core issue of Assam as election theme. Same experiments were tested during Lok Sabha polls, were half of the seat were crushed by BJP and main figure was Sonowal.There are lots of things for BJP to learn from Bihar and Assam. Modi is national figure. He may become PM 10 times but BJP must understand that state politics is away from National politics. Feelings of statesmen attached during such polls. They want to elect their own local people, who will always traceable for him.One more big reason of Bihar was youth. Youths were totally ignored in that election. After Lok Sabha Modi has not given any sound message to youths about their employment and about their addition for country, lots of youths were expecting their role in party, activities but all sudden fails. 
Social Media users are also embarrassed by Modi and BJP, Modi even not asked a cup of thanks, what users were expected. No one can ignore, Social media users were key voters of Modi and them changed entire national politics by their strong zeal. Still lots of youths are emotionally attached with Modi, but emotions will not feed stomach and add in employment. Sound income youths are still embracing Modi, but middle class and lower-middle youths are totally embarrassed by Modi and BJP.
Realizing these facts BJP and Amit Shah is holding one Social Media meet in Delhi on 22nd May this month, let us see, how much they are adding values for party and how far Modi and Amit Shah are successful to re-energize the youths in their campaigns and state missions.


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