Boys don’t have to be Boys : An Opinion


They are messy, careless and wild. Minimum attention span and hardly ever emotional, far from being domestic they can on the contrary be quite destructive at times. While exceptions to the rules always exists, a lot of mothers to boys would agree that raising them is a herculean task. But what can you do, boys will be boys right.

I searched quite hard and was unable to find substantial scientific data supporting the fact that boys are genetically programmed to be this way. Research however does point to the general role division and stereotyping that begins right at our homes.

 A typical household sees the lady of the house in charge of most domestic responsibilities, irrespective of whether she’s a career woman or not the home maker in her will never leave.

Children don’t just learn from what is being taught in school but more often than not they try to emulate what they see back home. Good or bad.

Children must be taught to be a part of the household chores irrespective of their sex and appropriate to their age. Only on seeing that a boy is equal to his female counterpart at home and in school will he start believing it.

Don’t make your boy do things which you think are more suited to boys. It’s quite alright if your son develops a keen interest in the kitchen and doesn’t really enjoy football so much.  Let your boy grow in an environment where he believes in limitless possibilities

Don’t pass off his untidiness or his unruliness as part of his ‘male character’. Teach him a sense of responsibility for his actions and the consequences thereof.

 Help him develop his emotional side and embrace it. It’s okay for a boy to cry what’s not okay is for him to hear “boys don’t do this” Encourage him to be sensitive towards girls.

 Raise a gentleman.

Break the age old myth ….Boys don’t have to be Boys if we raise them right.

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