Tim Cook Says He Never Met Elon Musk, Is Very Coy About Apple Car

Tim Prepare dinner verified what we ended up already very absolutely sure we knew: He never achieved with Elon Musk about Apple getting Tesla. In a extensive-ranging New York Instances job interview with Kara Swisher, the Apple CEO briefly spoke about his firm’s pursuit of a foothold in the rising self-driving auto room. Cook exhibited standard company shyness relating to […]

Tesla Stans Dunk On Porsche Taycan’s Slow Software Update

The to start with electric powered Porsche Taycans are because of for a program update, but it will not likely be brief.  Motorists will never be in a position to press a button on the in-auto display screen, join to WiFi, and update the automobile while in their individual garage. As an alternative, the $100,000+ electric auto requires to be […]