Cricket may be included in 2024 Olympics


Cricket will be a part of 2024 Olympics if Rome wins their bid to host the Olympics, the president of the Italian board has said.

  • Rome is one of the cities bidding to host the Olympics in 2024 – alongside Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest – and, under new regulations, will have the opportunity to add five sports to the games as they see fit.
  • “If Rome hosts the Olympics, cricket will be included,” Simone Gambino, president of the Federazione Cricket Italiana (FCI). “We have had a firm commitment from the organising committee.”
  • There would probably be a maximum of 16 teams invited to take part, though there is a possibility of just 12, with Olympic regulations suggesting they will be spread across the globe.
  • If only 12 teams were included, three might come from Europe, three from Asia, two from Africa, two or three from America and the Caribbean and two or three from the South Pacific area.
  • The news emerged as the ICC continued its annual conference in Edinburgh.
  • As a result, the press conference planned for Saturday (at which the ICC hoped to unveil their agreements) has been cancelled and an extra meeting has been arranged for late August in Dubai.
  • The next ICC board meeting takes place in South Africa in October.

So it will be a good news for Cricket lovers if Rome wins their bid to host the Olympics.

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