Decoding Arvind Kejriwal’s Press Conference

arvind kejriwal press conference
arvind kejriwal press conference

The Chief Minister of the World, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had a (stupid) press conference. He hit the government’s latest step of demonetization in the conference.

Here, trying to decode what he said and what he meant in the press conference.

What he said – “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes will not be legal tenders any more, all friends and BJP people, who actually have all the black money, were informed prior. Those who had large amounts of black money got enough to time to take care of it. God will not spare you”

What he meant – “Why Modi, Why? ( sob ) Why did you not inform anyone from the political corner about this move? Not even your Finance Minister.

Do you think we care of people and their problem? No. We only care for our money. I had to do this press conference to blame you for reducing my sources.

You first stopped my foreign funding, by questioning every inflow. You made me so helpless that, I had to remove all details of funding from my website.

Now what will happen to my Hawala links? Remember, Sateyndra Jain was caught for a transfer of 17 crores of Hawala Money. They were our hard earned money.

What would I do of the money I collected by selling tickets in Punjab?  Don’t tell me you didn’t know this.

AAP tickets sold for money in Punjab: Sucha Singh Chhotepur

Sacked as the Punjab unit chief over corruption charges, AAP leader Sucha Singh Chhotepur on Tuesday accused the party’s Delhi leadership of selling tickets for the Punjab assembly polls to undeserving candidates for crores of rupees.

Now I have to return them the money. I don’t know if I’ll get them back or not. What would I do in Punjab now? How will I travel the country to cry on every dead body? Sad!

My party is the most affected party by this step. Now, one of my soldier Sanjay Singh is on duty to find at least 15K different IDs to convert our money. The Money which we received from Canada, Europe and by Khalistanis. You won’t have any idea how tough it is?

Moreover, IT department is on alert now. Though, I worked with them, but they are not showing any mercy to me and my party.

Even Rahul Gandhi went to the bank and brought Rs. 4000. I don’t have even that much of money. I can’t even cry openly, otherwise my supporters will get to know my real face.

Why did you do this Mr. Modi? Me and my Mamta Didi will punish you for this. God will not spare you for being so harsh to me.”

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