The Dirty Picture of Main stream Media and SM, new victim – Angoorlata Deka, MLA, BJP

Fake Images of Angoorlata Deka, Published in News Portals
Just after landslide victory of Assam, BJP was very much energized. Youths were also encouraged, once again there was a hot discussion that – Modi Leher is still blowing or not ? All eyes were on preparation on UP
Assembly polls.
 I was just going through FB posts in my smart phone, suddenly my eyes spattered, one news headline “Kaise Shaam Hote Hi Sharaab aur Shabaab me Doob jati hai  BJP Vidhayak, Dekhe Tasveere” and really shocked after reading and looking the featured image. I simply thought… OK… let it be, there may be wrong choices sometimes by several parties, looking after various political and ground substances.
                                                         This is India, and few days back, I came to know that Shahrukh Khan and Sunny Leone are most searched personality in internet Surfing. So, this most searched and then this, I simply surprised, what is actually going on ? Why and how Media is trying to get attention by spreading such vulgarity like Sharaab and Shabaab. Later on, came to know that these all news are fake. The picture that they are sharing – She is in pool and taking drinks, she is not Deka, she is someone else and her private parties photos are leaked by someone, her brother revealed.  


                    Article published on Angurlata Deka
                                                       This was one kind of Political vendetta politics, spread by rivals to defame BJP but addition to that I want to highlights – The Dirty Picture of MSM and SM in which women are OBJECTIFIED to catch attentions, sometimes as HOT, SEXY, GLAMOROUS etc. Few days back, has published one article – 10 Most Beautiful Female IAS and IPS in India and featured IPS officer Merin Joseph. Later on they received strong condemn from all community and Merin herself.
                        Merin’s story is not new. Deka is new victim. This is story of every girl, who starts her journey from her childhood, from School to College, Tuition to Coaching and professional places to public places, at every step of her life, she is victimized by several people. From her family members to neighbours, batch mates, friends, colleque almost everywhere they are victimized by people. Infact they are biggest sufferers of society, they use to face comments, abuses, blackmailing, torture etc at every stage of life but still they are adorable. No one can ignore the importance of a women in the society.  


        Real Picture of Angurlata Deka
                        Deka, 30 years old, assamese actress turned politician, recently elected as MLA from Batadroba constituency of Assam from BJP seat. She recently joined politics in Dec 2015 as party worker in BJP. Deka came in lime light by playing role as Benazir Bhutto in Assamese Mobile Theatre in 2008. She has also acted in Bengali movies, Jhunda Iman Gunda (2007), Bakor Putek (2012) and Surjasta (2013) are few famous movies. 

                      Rivals taken as opportunity to malign BJP after Assam Polls, they were knowing that Deka, BJP MLA has a filmly background. So people will easily believe on their news. Hence they cashed this opportunity in two ways. One BJP will get malign by wrong selection of candidate, voters will feel pity, why they voted for her and BJP. Hence they started spreading fake images of Deka, representing her as Sex symbol.


                   Deka during Assam Poll comapigns
                                     HOT, SEXY, Beautiful MLA, Hot pics, new beauty sensation in politics and many more. Deka represented as Sex Bomb and Casanova by several media houses. This was going to help them in 2 ways as earlier I mentioned, to malign BJP and give a talk among BJP voters to feel pity. Similar news has widely spread on Social Media. Similar news has spread in various posts and groups and she became talk of the day. In between, one Ahmedabad based fitness model, Sapna Vyas Patel pics are also spread in media and SM, quoting her as Deka to furnish more proofs to make effective their grounds.
One Media portal ww.itimescom has written in his article that :
“BJP MLA Angoorlata Deka Exposed, Assam. Sanskari BJP in trouble after images go viral.”
See the version and motive of such news. What is the actual motive of these headlines, they tried to represent  ?
1.  BJP has chosen wrong candidate.
2.  Deka is Casanova and drug addict.
3.  Voters have chosen a wrong leader.
4.  BJP is no more sanskari, any more, means finally BJP exposed.
5.  It means moral values in BJP degraded, many things are going on inside party.
One more Media portal, says :
“In Pics: Angurlata Deka a new beauty sensation in Politics”.
Message behind this news – Now many things is going on in Politics and now in BJP.
One more Media portal, says :
“The hot photos of BJP Assam Angurlata Deka getting viral. Sorry to disappoint you but She is not Angurlata, but a model Sapna Vyas patel.”

Message behind this news – viewers were waiting for few sensational and hot news breakings. 


               She is Sapna Vyas Patel, not Deka
All total, we can easily understand the motives of Presstitutes and Media TRP sellers. One thing is very clear that we much open our eyes and ear smartly. Till the confirmation of news, we should not believe on any kind of news. There are various examples are available, the real intentions of many media houses are fully exposed. Many news are fabricated, make spicy to get more attractions and attentions.
Last but not least, I am sharing the statement of Ram Gopal verma, who is known for his experiments in movie. He made a very cheap comment on Deka, later on excuses also after lots of outrages and trolling on SM.
He said in his comments that :
“If MLA can look like this, Achche Din aa gaye hai. Thank you Angoorlataji. Thank you Modiji… 1st time I love Politics.”
Really what a shameful statement he made, without knowing the entire story. Actually this is not only Verma, this is story of many MALE sides, Women are like a object for them and they feel that women are made only for SEX. The dirty minds of these kind of people are that much baked, I was reading one article that The rapist of Delhi, who raped one six years old girl, he was watching porn of Sunny Leone in his mobile during rape.
India is full of Sexy Hungerians (hungry of sex). Apart from their daily life activities, their rest activities are talking and searching sex items on portals, watching porn and many more. Many of them are mentally sick and highly obsessed with sex kind of things. These are the people roaming freely in our society and doing rapes, when they are receiving opportunities, many of them are habituated cause many rapes are not reportable. Many victims hides such things due to shame in society.
Time has come to realise these things and strongly condemned such things. A people must know the battery limits of life and way of living. We are not living in similar society like western and Russian societies. Our life style is totally different. Hence we must oppose such practices of media. Also time has come to talk freely with our next generations, the positive and negative values of our life styles. Let us work together and make free this society from people, who are suffering from such disorders. A good advice is also a good service for society and mankind. 

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