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Epds Telangana:

Telangana state government is recently issued by the Telangana food security card status. Ration card or food security card status users who have already submitted the applications from in the official website of EPDS Telangana. You can check the status in online by only entering their old ration card number and Aadhar card number and also food security card in your Android, IOS mobiles, and your personal laptops and also computers.

EPDS Telangana Food Security Cards Ration Cards Status:


Civil supplies and food department are responsible for the issue of ration card in the Telangana state. After the separation of the states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments, Telangana state has started the process of issues in new ration cards or food security cards for the citizens. This identification is mandatory for every citizen of India whatever state it is.

This identification is used as proof of identification as you are the person and to get a subsidy in grains, sugar, and rice etc. this is a very important proof of address accepted by all the departments like Passport, RTO and joining your school and college etc. Telangana state is created a Telangana meeseva portal and it provides the information about the status of ration card.

I will suggest you to all the citizens check their ration cards status by following the given below procedure. In any citizen wants to apply the ration card or food security card, you can apply in online by the following given procedure by filling the application in online from this website and submit the details in your mobile. Before you can apply for the ration card you must know the which type of ration card you want. where ever you go to the country or state this ration card is compulsory for you.

Different types of ration cards or food security cards:

  • White ration card below the poverty line.
  • White ration card above the poverty line.
  • Red ration card.
  • Pink ration card.

Procedure to apply the ration cards or food security cards:

  • First of all, you can navigate the website epds.telengana.govn.in (or) www.tg.meeseva.govn.in .
  • After that, you can download the Telangana new ration card application form by using the below link.
  • Then you can select the type of cards which one you want.
  • After filling up the details like name of the head of household and professional details and also annual income etc.
  • And fill up your gas connection details and address and also your family members.
  • After that, you can paste the photograph on it and send to the official after uploading the required documents.

why Telangana food security cards or rations cards are canceled:

  • four wheeler owners.
  • pensioners like government and freedom fighter.
  • business persons like shop owners and apartment owners etc.
  • Who ever has the more than 15000 salary like government employees and private employees and also public employees.
  • who ever has the land more than 2.5 acres wet or 5 acres dry and also more than 5 acres both wet and dry.
  • for knowing some more details about this¬†Epds Telangana you can contact your village VRO.

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