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epos is a retail management system for all small and mid sized businesses. It is added to the point of scale module and customer management. This solution can offer to integrated inventory management, retail accounting, including general ledger, payroll processing, and purchase orders. This AP epos is now cloud based and it is compatible with windows, android, IOS, and iPad. Now the system hardware can be purchased directly through AP Epos and it is through the third party vendor of choice.


The epos is now used by retailers in a variety of industries and furniture, including the apparel, home d├ęcor, sporting goods shops, grocery and much more. In this, the POS module includes electric scale integration, credit and barcode card scanners, a staff time clock and age verifications and also The ability to discount items or void transactions. In this AP EPOS can invent the applications and it helps to keep the track of purchase orders and supplier database, inventory reports and also much more.

The Epos will migrate all the customer data, stock data, and product data to the new system as a part of the implementation process. In order wise, our company has a retail counter, trade counter or cash and cash carry facility. Touch screen epos software can make the services to those clients are an efficient and streamlined process with helping you to provide highly professional services to your valued clients.

They are certain times of the day in a week your retail point of sale may be far business usual. When it is during these moments and you will need a system that is not only easy to use but also seamlessly integrated into the other aspects of your business software systems.

The choice is yours you can use either in an online or offline mode:

The complete flexibility of how the information will be passed back is decided by the EPOS and business in order wisely. In the setting up order wise EPOS and businesses can choose whether they wish to have information sent through a life and also internet based solutions for where orders are processed on the main database directly or instead of synchronized from of a local database in the store through a series of secure plugins and these ensure that whatever your needs and order wise can provide the right EPOS solution for your businesses.

Features of order wise touch screen EPOS system:

  • It is completely integrated into the main order-wise system.
  • You choose your choice of using in either an offline or online mode.
  • It can supports a multi currency order processing.
  • You can add branding and color touch screen interface.
  • It is a highly customizable touch screen interface.
  • In this EPOS can use an x read and z read totals.
  • This can be an ability to hold and pause and also void sales.
  • It can be cash sales and selected customers.
  • It can allow a clients order history to be built up and analyzed it.
  • You can take cash and cheque or debit and credit cards.
  • You can use the price check and haggle facility.

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