Fit mind equals Fit self

Fit Mind

Today generation is a  generation of fast  moving ideas and fast paced life. We have to be fast paced to keep pace with Gen next.

Our mind has to be fit first to take on mammoth tasks and challenges. My better half always guides me and says you will start a day bad if you react negatively to a situation. For eg we have to rush to a place, suddenly there is an auto strike and your car has a flat strike instead of getting frustrated we should think of plan B ie take a bus or walk try some other way to reach.
Panic in life creates more panic . Lucky to have mentors in my family my bosses my colleagues who have taught me to think of Plan B, to keep calm when things are nerve racking to be positive even in worst situations. We always compare. We should as comparison makes us go ahead. We should compare from those who do better than us and beat ourself. Money, fame , power are important but so are virtues of love compassion and being fit in mind and having a clear conscience. Inherit good from others rather inherit qualities , if anyone has wronged you then try to make peace and speak up have guts to reprimand the person come what may. Mind mostly works fast leaving heart behind . To have a fit mind one must balance using grey matter with things which will not hurt another human

Is there a perfect person. No we do come across many people who are perfect in our eyes, But they are not perfect in their own eyes. If we have a fit mind think before we speak be ourself don’t keep a facade surely we will try to be perfect

Aim is to strive higher and higher in each aspect which life gives us, with self belief honesty love and compassion.

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