Forget or forgive ?


“Forgive…not because those who wronged you deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace”

Whenever there is a conflict, misunderstandings are caused. One of the two is always a bit more hurt than the other, but who that one is, remains unknown. Is it the one who decides to forget and move on or forgive? Can you really forgive without forgetting?

Seeking of forgiveness is as important for a clear conscience as is forgiving. Sometimes we just choose to move on not for the sake of a clear conscience, but for inner peace. But some misunderstandings are best left unsorted.

Conflicts can also be seen as nature’s way of weeding out certain people from our lives as they may not have anything to offer but negativity and the same applies to us.

Nobody is perfect. We may complain about being hurt but not often do we realize about hurting others and similarly if a misunderstanding results in distance from someone, we should be strong enough to realize and accept that as an individual maybe there is nothing more that we can offer except negativity to the other person.

So as much as it may hurt, letting go of grudges solely helps the rise of your conscience. It is but a temporary relief to see the troubles of those who have wronged you. In fact they may more often than not even realize the guilt of hurting you. It really doesn’t matter. The upliftment of your soul is what solely matters.

It’s the ultimate state of spiritual euphoria if you are able to forget, forgive and be at peace with all those around you.

It’s hard but certainly not unattainable.

But for now,

Let go…feel light…forgive, you may not be able to but do try to forget, for your own good.

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