Doing Good gives returns

How often we feel that we do go good but returns we get are not there
Doing good with clear heart gives a peace which is incomparable to anything.
We do want to do good and get appreciation that is but natural
In life one does feel the need to look good in eyes of others, but one must do good not only for applause, appreciation but just because it feels right.  Many times children teach us to do things so innocently that we wonder why do we have so many qualms of judging others comparing with others and feeling miserable. Very recently a 4 yr old young cute girl was busy helping her mother keeping utensils , cleaning her room and that too with a smile and just wanting to help her mother not wanting anything in return just love.
At times we get lost in daily mundane activities and feel bogged down by chores, work and responsibilities and forget to feel good do good and just be happy. Goodness us a way of life for many and it should be practiced by all. If we all try a bit just to be nice, humble, grounded surely one can get more peace. I have been lucky to be surrounded by people ie Family, My bosses, friends , colleagues who have taught me to be humble , grounded as well as be a giver. One does expect love, appreciation and one must get it. In life do what gives you peace.
Live a Life of love , warmth, care and goodness. Problems are there but if we approach something positively that problem becomes minisicule and we may get a solution
Sum of life is to add happiness, good deeds, positivity and negate negativity and bad thoughts

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