Hardik Patel demanded 30 Lacs, Cousin caught taking money in sting

Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel

Just before the Patidar Sammelan which was to be held in presence of BJP President Amit Shah, a sting video against Patidar leader Hardik Patel came into limelight. The video showed Hardik’s Cousin taking 30 lacs. The video was released by businessman Mukesh Patel. Mukesh said that this is just the start of exposing Hardik Patel.

Video was shot by Mobile Phone

The video which was shot by a Mobile Phone is reportedly 6 months old, when Hardik protested against Gujarat Government demanding Reservation for Patidar Community. During that period, some people from Patidar community shot this video to show the two faces of Hardik Patel. These were the same people who mediated between Hardik and Government so as to end the Patidar protest in a peaceful manner and to ensure peace in the City. At the same time Hardik Patel demanded money from businessman Mukesh Patel. On this demand, Mukesh handed over 30 lacs rupees to Hardik’s cousin Ravi Patel (which is there in the sting video). According to Mukesh Patel, he helped Hardik Patel being of the same community. But, after seeing Hardik’s increased demand, he made this sting.

Businessman shot video while handing over money

In the sting video, it is clearly seen that Surat businessman Mukesh Patel is handing over money to Hardik Patel’s cousin Ravi Patel. Ravi Patel is the same cousin who used to deliver tiffin to Hardik Patel while he was in the Jail. According to the claims of Mukesh Patel and Mahesh Sawani (both were main mediators between Hardik and Government), they have given the money on the demand of Hardik Patel.

Hardik Patel denies the Charges

Meanwhile Hardik denied all the charges made against him by Mukesh Patel and Mahesh Sawani. This can be seen in the following Video.

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