All Hindus are Liberal – An awesome reply to a Journalist by a common man

It is foolish to react to people who carry jaundiced views. Journalism, as it evolved over a period, carried some ethos even now. It has certain framework to work within,. That is why, in journalism the news editors are called “gate keepers”, those that do not allow unethical people with unethical views enter the news. This serves two purposes. First it is in the national interest and the other it defines the ethical values of the news paper and its owners. Columnists are independent thinking, intellectual and erudite scholars. Thy do not pick one Sloka here, one Commandment there or one Tenet somewhere. They read the whole Book or a whole lot of different books on a subject before they frame an opinion, think a lot before they put it on paper and review it once it is published and remove it if it is found the views are wrong.
But today’s journalism is sold out. It is auctioned in the political market. Journalists have become news peddlers instead of news feeders. News Papers have become dens of lies, places for political debauchery and money spinning businesses.
Bammera Pothanamtya, who has penned the famous Sreemad Andhra Maha Bhagavatam, in Telugu in melodious poems, decides to dedicate it to Lord Sree Rama. His brother-in-law, his wife’s brother, who can not bear to see the penury of his sister and her children advises Potana to dedicate it to the local Prince and live happily with the boons he will confer on him. But Potana refuses and tells thus. (In Telugu)
బాలరసాలసాలనవపల్లవ కోమల కావ్యకన్యకం
గూళలకిచ్చి యప్పడుఁపు గూడు భుజించుటకంటె సత్కవుల్
హాలికులైననేమి గహనాంతరసీమలఁ గందమూల కౌ
ద్దాలికులైననేమి నిజ దార సుతోదర పోషణార్ధమై.
“It is better for a Satkavi (good poet), to be a farmer or even to dig roots and beets in the forest to support his wife and children than to give(dedicate) his literary work – which is like his own daughter – to undeserving persons and eat the food got from that.”
In a way he tells Sreenadha, “I do not want to live on the blood money earned by my precious daughter by selling her body and soul to a a King that does not deserve it”. Journalists are doing exactly the same now a days. They are selling souls to undeserving people.
An unfortunate incident has happened in a UP Village. Some opportunistic youth, two of them as per UP Police version, (now, they are caught as per news, but no more information why they have done the act) forced the Priest of the Temple to announce that a certain family ate beef the day of a festival. Hundreds people collected at his house, dragged him and killed him. It is heinous. It is not known why a man kills a man and why a man should kill an animal too. It is not understandable why an animal like cow that gives us milk, the most nutrient food, is killed when it is healthy too. It is inhuman and wild animal behavior to say the least. But food is preference of people. We shall leave that at it. If we do not like animals to be killed, we say that and leave it there.
But we are out of traditional foods and are after fast foods, Fast foods are spicier than the food made by mother.
As per UP Police there may be various reasons behind the killing of the man.
1. There may be previous animosity, that the police, prima facie rule out on primary investigation.
2. Rumor may have been spread by anti-social elements to foment trouble in view of the ensuing Assembly elections in states. This may have been done by any side of the political spectrum.
3. There is a rumor that the calf killed is stolen and may have been valued at Rs.1.50 lakhs and hence, it is an act of rage.
4. The fourth, the most unlikely may be, it is communal act. But villagers, including Muslims say, they never have had any fight on religion.
But Media jumped at the drop of a hat. They started attributing motives. They identified the reasons and the culprits. Police are still groping in dark who the youth that have provoked the killing are. What is their religion, caste, creed, political affiliation etc.,? Is some big fish behind them? Do they belong to the rightist or leftist or centrist groups? Yesterday, in Oregaon, USA, a single gunman killed score of youth, first asking them, “Are you Christian?” Does it make him an anti-Christ? Only FBI can tell. Not the Media.

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