Indians appeal to Boycott Dangal Movie of Amir Khan


After Amir Khan’s remark on intolerance, he is continuously feeling heat on Social media, specially on Twitter. Indians are in no mood to spare Amir Khan on this. Now they appeal all the fellow Indians to boycott the upcoming movie “DANGAL” featuring Amir Khan.

Earlier last month they appealed to MD of Reliance Jio to remove Shahrukh Khan on the same issue and this time it’s Amir Khan’s turn to feel the heat.

Today morning (20th October 2016),  was trending on Micro Blogging site Twitter. Twitteratis gave a strong statement and appealed to not to watch upcoming Amir Khan starrer “DANGAL”.

Sushil Karwa wrote “This Diwali let’s donate extra sweets, cloths among needy instead of watching the movies of Traitor.

Ranjeet Singh tweeted “Don’t watch Amir movie… better donate in Army welfare fund..

Sumit Katiyar tweeted “Dear Amir Khan, whatever you are today because of India… Understood!

Girish Anand wrote on Twitter “I am not going to watch these movies.. Will Donate funds to so come on friends

Sameer Singh (बवंडर नाथ) did a series of tweets on this Hashtag. Some of his tweets are as follows :

  • देहद्रोहियो तुम्हारी दाल नहीं गलेगी अब वक़्त आ गया है आमिर शाहरुख़ जैसे देश से व जवानो से गद्दारी करने वाले देश छोड़ दे
  • जो देश का नहीं हो सका उसकी मूवी हम क्यों देंखे ध्यान रख ओ जो तू है वो इस देश की बदौलत ही है।
  • एक तरफ भारतीय जवान मारे गए दूसरी तरफ देश मे रहने वाले आमिर शाहरुख जैसे गद्दार अपना पाक प्रेम दिखाते रहे।।

This is not for the first time that Bollywood actors are feeling heat for their comments related to issues of the Country and when they said anything in favour of Pakistan. Other than Amir Khan some of the other actors were Shahrukh Khan, Om Puri, Karan Johar etc.

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