Nation at war with fearless soldiers and an irresponsible political class



Nearly 10 days after Uri attack that claimed lives of 19 Jawans, India carried out surgical strike in PoK, inflicting heavy casualties on terrorists launch pads and Pakistan army. India’s sharp military response to Pakistan is not only a message to its hostile neighbour but also to Islamabad’s ally China, who may now realise the occasional incursions into Indian territory may not go unchallenged.

The brief political consensus which was evident immediately after the surgical strike started falling apart earlier than expected. The opposition parties sensing the public mood, fearing that BJP and PM Modi could reap rich dividends in the forthcoming assembly elections in UP and Punjab, started casting doubts over the surgical strike.Leading the charge was Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who has a habit of being in the news for all the wrong reasons, demanded through a video message that the government should release the video of strike. He was hailed as hero by Pakistani mainstream media and #PakStandsWithKejriwal was among the top twitter trends in Pakistan. Joining the bandwagon Congress VP’s Rahul Gandhi’s right hand Sanjay Nirupam even went further terming the surgical strike fake and accused BJP of making political capital out of it. Although after Pathankot and immediately after Uri, Congress took potshots and personal jibes at PM Modi for inaction against Pakistan, thus when Uri was avenged and Modi’s efforts of isolating Pakistan globally paid off, which was unprecedented, there was euphoria among people of India and BJP cadre claiming PM walks the talk, is completely understandable

In a calculated move to further sow the seeds of doubt, Congress heir apparent Rahul Gandhi, who is touring UP for his political survival, accused PM Modi of indulging in “Khoon Ki Dalaali” with the blood of Indian soldiers. Gandhi scion took the political discourse at a new low. Congress which was showing solidarity with the government the other day took ‘U’ turn and backed the despicable statement of its leader. While leaders of other political parties like Sitaram Yechuri & Sharad Pawar also questioned the authenticity of surgical strike, BSP supremo Mayawati went to the extent of calling it a “nautanki”. At the time of crisis, when leaders of all political parties should be united and stand shoulder to shoulder with the government and armed forces, particularly when PM Modi himself has showed restraint and advised ministers against chest thumping, their constant bickering is ill timed and opportunistic.While it is perfectly all right for opposition to ask BJP to not make political capital out of the surgical strike, it is completely unacceptable for them to demand video proof as it may compromise national security.

Politician must realize that the surgical strike were not ordered so that PM Modi can win an impending elections but was undertaken so that Pakistan’s bluff is called and rogue nation is brought to its knee. Even if opposition leaders do not trust the political leadership , can you question the serving DGMO, Lt Gen Ranvir Singh, who in his press conference briefed the nation about the surgical strike? Isn’t it casting aspersions on the DGMO by raising doubts and asking for proofs and toeing the Pakistan line? Isn’t this a credible proof that India not only briefed 22 nations about the surgical strike against terrorists in PoK but PM Modi himself informed President Mukherjee, Vice president and former PM Manmohan Singh? What can be bigger evidence that US, NSA, Susan Rice called India’s NSA Ajit Doval just after the operations? Major countries like US, Germany,France,Russia and even EU supported India’s surgical strike in PoK. Also the nervousness and the chaos in Pakistan’s establishment, they running to UNSC are proof enough our men crossed the LOC performing the daring act.

We must realise, we have been in a state of war with Pakistan for the last 70 years. Yes either a direct conventional war like 1965, 1971 and 1999(Kargil) or unconventional method which Pakistan uses against India, “PROXY WAR”. It’s a well-known fact that Pakistan has been imparting training to terrorist and providing cover to them to infiltrate into India and unleash terror and violence. Mumbai 26/11, Pathankot, Uri and numerous other terrorist attacks emanated from Pakistan soil where countless Indian lives have been lost and many brave soldiers martyred. Unless we accept the harsh truth that yes, we are at war with Pakistan; many more precious lives will be lost.

While politicians were busy scoring brownie points and inflicting self goals for few votes, our jawans were still fighting a lonely battle at the LOC neutralizing terrorists and fighting infiltration bids at Pulwama, Ganderbal , Sophian and Pampore. This is the time nation should stand united and rally behind our armed forces, boost their morale and express solidarity with soldiers and their families. We may not be fortunate enough to die for our country but least we can do is bow our heads before a soldier who is fighting a valiant battle, guarding our borders so that you and me continue to live our lives happily, while he is prepared for supreme sacrifice protecting our motherland.

“Away from their families and loved ones, bullets n shells they brave

For love and Country they happily embrace death”

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