My Kashmir

My Kashmir

Kashmir can indubitably be called as the most cherished and treasured part of Hindustan. It is our joy, pride and a thing of great worth. Kashmir has been under the influence of different rulers and different ideologies. From Shaivism, Buddhism to Kashmir Sufi Mysticism. Kanishka inaugurated Mahayana Buddhism and it’s from Kashmir only Buddhism got swayed towards Tibet and China. Kashmir has produced many poets, philosophers and artist .Vasugupta wrote Shiva Sutras and layed the foundation of Kashmiri Shaivism .Sufism is dated back to the 13th century. Suhrawardi from Turkistan was instrumental in conversion of Buddhist ruler ‘Rinchen shah ‘ to Islam, followed by several Buddhists and low caste Hindus.
For centuries Kashmiri Muslims are influenced by Kashmiri Hindus and vice versa. Kashmiris refer to their land as ‘Pir Vaer or Rishi Vaer’,the valley of Rishis and Sufi pirs. Thus Kashmir is the only place where “Sufis” are referred as ” Rishis” . The founder of ‘Muslim Rishi’ movement was ‘Nurruddin Nurani’or ‘Nand Rishi’. For these Sufi Rishis ,Islam was a universal message of love ,tolerance , service and most importantly fight against social injustice . Many Sufis have had Hindu disciples . Thus Kashmiri Sufism played important role in bringing different caste ,faith and traditions together. Muslim monarchs ruled Kashmir until 1819.Followed by Sikh rule under Ranjit singh .After the Sikh defeat ,Raja of Jammu ,Gulab singh became new ruler of Kashmir .
After independence the merger of Jammu and Kashmir in India gave an incurable open wound to Pakistan. After that Pakistan fought 3 wars with us and met with the same fate of defeat and utter humiliation but managed to capture 37% of kashmir ,namely Azad Kashmir but for us it is Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) as amended by present Government of India. Pakistan itself is a failed state since the time Jihadist and Islamist took over Army and political scene .With frequent coups ,authoritarian style
poor governance and apathy of Federal government of Pakistan ,POJK is reduced in to terror breeding ground ,where youth is radicalized by making them believe that there is human rights violation in Jammu and Kashmir .Innocents are tortured by Armed forces and Islam is hegemonized by Kafirs therefore youth in POJK with no future readily take up arms .
Kashmir on our side has a Constituted Assembly elected in 1952,it defined a Constitution for the state as per article 370.All programs of GOI are extended to the state and state has autonomy to run its affairs. Regular elections are held . Visuals of agitations and freedom given to dissident voices ,can be heard around the globe , is a sign of freedom of expression given to the state . Every Kashmiri has a right to travel and set business in India .More than 40,000 Kashmiri Muslims business families have established base in Indian cities . Kashmir has been granted a massive “development package ” of as much as 70,0000 crores to be used for roadways ,education ,health ,power ,smart cities and tourism .
Where as in POJK people are distressed with growing extremism .Moreover PM Narender modi’s prompt and active response on 2014 floods and 2015 earthquake has raised alarm for pakistan because POK is witenessing Pro India sentiment .Chairman of Anjuman Minhaje -e-Rasool ,Maulana sayed Athar Hussain Dehlavi residing in POK said that people want to be part of India
That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when i saw the documentary on zee news that resident of our Gurez valley are so indebted to Indian Army, so loving , so sufi and so very Hindustani .The so called Kashmir unrest is not native of Kashmir .It is a part of Pakistan cunning strategy to make Kashmir always in a state of conflict . Peace in the valley ,kills their purpose of making it an international issue .Along with this, Kashmir has been over shadowed by vested interest of vision-less, clueless separatist. Who do nothing except for calling strikes in the valley .The reasons for youth raising ISIS flag and pelting stones on police and Army is a smart strategy to gather world attention . Our Indian Media give them exactly what they want and it makes sure that Kashmir issue get global coverage.
Pakistan has no legal claim on Kashmir .Nehruji prematurely went to United Nations security Council thus external intervention was brought in. According to the resolution Pakistan had to give up POK and Gilgit Baltistan for plebiscite to take place but irony is POK has no protection like article 370 . Thus referendum on Kashmir would be nothing but a farce .
Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti must rise above political Conservatism .A person holding an AK 47 and killing innocents can not be justified by any other word. Its not radicalization or fundamentalism but popular Sufi tradition of Jammu and Kashmir that can help revive its lost glory and liberate Kashmiris from the grip of fear, apprehension and fundamentalism .

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