Live more & you won’t regret……………

live life
live life

If given another chance at life, wouldn’t you want to change something from the past? Undo or maybe redo something. Would you not want to go back in time only to create some special moments with someone who may not be with you today? Give another shot at those exams, study a bit harder maybe. Play some more, now knowing that there’s nothing quite like childhood. Love without inhibitions. Forgive without grudges.

In short, live a little more.

Being a nostalgic person that I am, my soul finds lot of comfort in the pleasant memories of the past. A beautiful & carefree childhood flourishing warmly under the loving hands of grandparents. Growing up with the right balance of study and play. While it was perfect, it seems one can never have enough love. But constantly being lost in the memories of the past makes you oblivious to what your present has to offer.

Sadly though, you can’t go back in time. All you have is now and you must give it your best lest you regret.

True your age today may technically not allow you to repeat a lot of things from the past (but that’s debatable and it sounds like a challenge to me) but all it takes to live life to the fullest is just knowing the fact that you can’t go back in time and change anything. 

You don’t want to wake up one day only to wonder where time has flown. The time to live your life is now.

Free your mind of all doubts, judgments and fears. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

Love more, judge less.

Try more, fear less.

Live more and you won’t regret.

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