Maharashtra ranked as the most Innovative Indian State : Reports

New Delhi: Maharashtra Chief Minister- designate Devendra Fadnavis flashes victory sign during his meeting with Union Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari in New Delhi on Thursday. PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla(PTI10_30_2014_000044B)

After 15 years of Congress-NCP government BJP comes as ruling party.After Devendra Fadnavis Government in power ,they took different decisions, started various campaign for the development of the Maharaashtra State. The policies implemented by Devendra Fadnavis started benefiting the state of Maharashtra .Indian State Innovation Report 2016 have a Good impact on India’s Innovation Environment. Maharashtra has been ranked as the most Innovative Indian States as per the survey of State Innovation Report 2016 . Maharashtra emerged as the most Innovative economy with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Gujarat as frontrunners in a survey of innovation environment.

The report carries the State innovation Index according to state of development and Maharashtra Ranks 1st with score of 49.32 . It is important to see the dimensional score on the index given above .

Maharashtra ,Tamil Nadu ,Karnataka and Gujarat are frontrunners with an aggregate of 49.32, 45.62 ,40.35 ,37.70 .

The overall State innovation Index computed a stage of index that tell us what places should be look together as a cluster. These states have been innovative largely because some cities or location within this states have become innovative . The index tell that the innovation environment is strong .

Maharashtra with aggregate of 55.65 is frontrunner in Factors of Production which tell us the basic factors of land,labor and capital in india . The aggregate scores on these components show Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh,Gujarat and Karnataka doing well as a cluster. These states do well on Factor of Production.

Industries ,Entreprenurship and Innovation dimension has indicators like total number of research and development institutions,number of factories.It explain the conditions for research and development and growth of factory and sector in India.Maharashtra with the higher aggregate doing well here too.States like Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu,Uttar Pradesh,Karnataka and Gujarat seem to be doing well. Lot of activity of innovation and entreprenurship is clustered.
Maharashtra scored 64.88 out of 70 in the Industries, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship sector.

According to the report states in India should focus on developing an ecosystem of research, and promote cross-sharing of ideas on innovation that can be scaled at national and international level. It noted that at present few policies exist for innovation even in the most innovative states with the exception of Karnataka.

For more Information on this report click on this URL to check out The India State Innovation Report

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