Marriages are made in heaven

Marriage is a union of two people who will be together for a lifetime.

So who you get married to is destined.

When one leaves ones home and goes to another’s home after marriage it is very tough emotionally.

Our childhood with our parents as well as adolescent years with them we get all love and comforts and get used to it.

When we get married we become more responsible and it is our turn to be a homemaker now. Your partner also will shower you and your family with equal love and warmth if you do same with his family.

Many a times things don’t work out between couples and they move their separate ways that doesn’t mean either of them are bad. it is just that their equation with each other isn’t right. Best is to learn and remember the good quality in an individual even if you have to go separate ways as each person has good qualities.

After marriage both should be strong compassionate as well as caring.

The success depends on how well one deals with strong situations and stand with each other in tough times.

In today’s modern days typical stereotype of ladies only taking care of kitchen cooking and home and men working and taking care of outside chores is changed. Both men and women work earn look after home as well as distribute chores. Happiness will be there if one appreciates the other and doesn’t take each other for granted. Friendship is very important in any marriage as then only can one share insecurities tensions problems as well as happiness and joys.

Whether love or arranged match what is pivotal is to give time to each other and respect each other . In a marriage one must also correct the partner for their betterment as that will improve a person intrinsically. A person looks age comes secondary person must be good at heart as that will stay forever but looks won’t.

Marriages are destined and it is ethereal bond of two people.

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