MCR HRD Institute Of AP Hyderabad


In the last year, DR MCR HRD Institute completes their 40th anniversary celebrations in jubilee hills on Sunday. DR MCR HRD Institute is inaugurated at the center of the Telangana studies. So, it is the key highlights of the function by the minister Rajendra. The high quality of the training gives the growth of the company and the availability of human resources is not sufficient so it is added to their effective utilization.

MCR HRD Institute

In that function, Rajendra said the important information about the ethical and moral values. To take the society in the proper direction, he gives more importance to that training programs. In that program BP Acharya (is a special chief secretary for planning and general director of the DR MCR HRD Institute) and Vinod k Agarwal(is a general former director) were also present.

The erstwhile Institute of administration is established in 1977 and it is renamed as Dr.marri chenna reddy and it is a human resource development Institute of Andhra Pradesh in 1998. it is made responsible for overseeing the state government and also GOI training institute.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is apex for the DR.mcr HRD IAP administrative training institute and it is responsible for facilities training and also providing HRD inputs to all the public functionaries of the state to achieve training a committed, accountable responsible, inspiring and nationalistic and also genuine. it is simply called as CARING government. In this institute has been certified as an ISO pin organization for its quality in the areas of training and research publications and also consultancy.


In this erstwhile Institute has over a period of time built the state of art infrastructure and facilities and also has been supporting the government. The government is related to capacity building for reforms, change management and good government and also revamping delivery systems. Hyderabad chief secretary is planned to build the erstwhile Institute at BP.

Acharya has been given full additional charge as a director general and ex-official chief secretary of Marri Chenna reddy for human resources development institute after its present DG and special chief secretary VK.

The special chief secretary forests Br.meena was given a full additional charge of the post and revenue after the department’s special chief secretary MG.Gopal retired on attaining the age of superannuation. Telangana government is issued orders to this effect on Wednesday 2017. Up to the further orders, our special chief secretaries hold the additional postings continuously.

Services descriptions of MCR HRD:

  • The erstwhile Institute can provide the three huge air-conditioned conference halls.
  • In that, each hall is provided with the latest projectors and also microphones facilities etc will provide and coming to accommodate around the 200 members per each.
  • The latest and excellent economic furniture has been provided to facilitate the group discussions and also seminars, is arranged in the comfortable ambiance.
  • In that whole Institute, one huge air-conditioned board room is provided with a capacity of 150 members.
  • And 35 double bedded air-conditioned rooms and 5 double bedded air-conditioned suites and 15 four bedded rooms with common bath rooms.
  • 5 double Non/AC rooms with the common bath room and two dormitories with the 50-bed Non/AC with the common bath rooms can also provide.

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