Mohammad Khalid sent obscene messages 1500 women across Delhi arrested

Mohammad Khalid
Mohammad Khalid

Delhi Police has arrested Mohammad Khalid who had allegedly sent obscene messages to 1500 girls and women in Delhi.

  • He runs a bag shop in old Delhi – had used different mobile numbers and phones to send the messages using SMS service or Whatsapp.
  • Various helplines across Delhi received complaints against him by Delhi Police.
  • When subjected to interrogation, he told police that he would call a random number to see if is picked by a female. If so, he would save the number and see the profile of that person on Whatsapp.
  • Mother of one of the girls said: “My daughter used to get lewd messages all through the day and on one occasion, when we confronted him over the phone, he said he wanted to talk to ‘aunties only’ and not young girls.”
  • He had also threatened the girls that he would put their mobile numbers and pictures on Facebook.
  • He was confident that he wouldn’t be caught as he was using fake IDs to procure Sim cards.
  • He quit school after Class 5.
  • Delhi Police found contact numbers of around 2,100 women on the three SIM cards and two mobile phones recovered from his possession.
  • Delhi Police has also said that Khalid had inferiority complex due to his short height. He was also frustrated by girls rejecting his advances and resorted to stalking them over Whatsapp.
  • Delhi Police sais, he coded Women or Girls name in Phone as “A” or “A+” or “A++”.
  • Delhi Police has lodged case against him under Sections 354 A/506/509/420/468/471 & IT act 67/67 A Act of the IPC.

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