Video : Reactions of girls when asked to marry Rahul Gandhi

Marrying Rahul Gandhi
Marrying Rahul Gandhi

Marrying Rahul Gandhi seems to be a dream come true for every single girl as Rahul Gandhi is the son of Ex-Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi and Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Rahul himself holds the post of Vice President of Indian National Congress. Rahul belongs to the famous Nehru Gandhi family of India. His father (Rajeev), his grand mother (indira Gandhi) and his great grand father (Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru) were Prime Minister of India.

ShitChat, a Youtube channel which always get reactions/responses/answers of general public on various burning/trending issues, talked to various girls in Mumbai and asked them if Rahul Gandhi proposed them for marriage then what will be their first reaction. Many funny reactions came from the girls. Few of them are:

  • Some girls said they don’t know about Rahul Gandhi.
  • Some said they would rather commit suicide than to marry Rahul Gandhi.
  • Some suggested Rahul Gandhi to grow up first.
  • One of the girls even said that if the proposal came from Narendra Modi, she might have thought but for Rahul Gandhi it is a big no.
  • The girls even said that Rahul Gandhi is the dumbest man in India so they can’t even think of marrying him.

Many more funny reactions came from the girls. Watch the video and see the reactions of the girls and their opinion about Rahul Gandhi and decide your own opinion about this.

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