Nitish : No more a “Sushashan Babu”

Nitish : No more a “Sushashan Babu”

Before Nitish Kumar became Chief Minister for the second time in November 2005, there was a complete breakdown of law and order. Riding high on his claim that he will bring “Sushashan”, he started damaging the economic empire of mafia-lords. But one action which won him many admires was his determination to put criminal turned politician Md. Sahabuddin behind bars by setting up special courts in jail premises of Siwan.

Md. Sahabuddin from whose house AK47, night vision devices and laser guns bearing markings of Pakistan ordinance factory were recovered, was a four time MP and had enough clout in power corridors ashis party RJD was in power in state as well as an ally of UPA government in 2005. Such was his terror that opposition candidates used to fear for their life and there was no sign of campaign by opposition parties in Siwan. He won 2004 general election from behind the bars and Siwan district hospital was his defecto election office.

Now Shahabuddin is a free man and after coming out of jail on 11th September 2016, he took jibe at Nitish kumar that he may be the Chief Minister but his leader is RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. A fleet of 1300 cars led by 35 MLAs of RJD and an absconding sharp shooter besides him indicates the clouts and terror, he is going to unleash in Bihar politics in coming days. People of Siwan are already terrified with his release and looking at Nitish Kumar for the same heroics of 2006. But with RJD leadership formally behinds Sahabuddin . Nitish Kumar’s approach and reaction appears timid. He knows for sure if he acts against Sahabuddin RJD might break the alliance. Since crime graph in Bihar already witnessing sharp incline since the new government came to power, release of Sahabuddin is expected to bring terror reign of pre -Nitish era.

It will be interesting to see whether Nitish Kumar saves Bihar from terror of Shahabuddin or saves his government.Whatever the case may be but his image of “Sushashanbabu” is heavily dented forsure.



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