Ms. Barkha ! Be Afeared Of your Shadows and your Soul – an open letter to Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt
Barkha Dutt
Ms. Barkha Dutt, I understand your frustration. For, it is out of frustration more than out of anger that you threw invective on Arnob Goswamy. Your frustration is born out of your inability to penetrate the power corridors, as you were doing during the reign of your political shields, the INC India. Your frustration is born out of your being ignored as a persona non grata in the Lyuetens’Club of Delhi. Your frustration is born out of the care-you-not attitude of both the BJP top brass and specially the Prime Minister. Your frustration is born out of your inability to curtail the growth of BJP Pan India, despite your more than sinister campaign against right wing forces through blatant lies and innuendos. Your frustration is born out of the fact that NDTV, that stood on top, not because of your Journalistic talent but because you were propped up against all established norms of Press Management, by INC India, is now at the bottom. Finally, your frustration is born out of the fact that today Arnob Goswamy and Times Now are on top and their viewership is increasing multi-fold. 
I see in you a Duryodhana, epitome of Adharma and all that is wrong morally and ethically, feeling let down by the wife of Pandavas, Panchali who laughs at his mis-step. What does he do? He seethes with anger, frustration and wants to renounce the Kingdom and life itself. When I saw your tweet that ” you are ashamed of being called a Journalist, if Arnob too is a journalist” , I saw the Kaurava King Duryodhana, who vows “It is either me or the Pandavas”. You were spurned today. It is your fault. Your reporting of JK violence was done through a prism where Narendra Modi’s was the prominent image. Your anger and frustration of the twelve year sinister campaign you ran against him at the behest of corrupt politicos and lobbyists is coming to the fore again and again. That is how Duryodhana and his entire clan suffered the worst humiliation in the hands of Dharma, represented by Pandavas and helped by the God, Himself. 
Arnab Goswami, You Don’t Scare Me. But You Should Worry India….

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