An Open Letter to Raj Thackeray by Lt Col Vijay Tomar

open letter to raj thackeray
open letter to raj thackeray

Social media has become a very nice platform for reaching out the big leaders. In recent many people used this to reach the leaders, politicians, ministers, MLAs, MPs etc. Today Lt. Col Vijay Tomar wrote an Open letter to MNS leader Raj Thackeray.

The letter was on the issue of the upcoming movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (ADHM). The letter was posted on Social media site Facebook. The contents of the letter is as follows :

My Dear Raj,

Its good that someone is paying 5 CR for welfare of armd forces. However there are a few questions which tickle my mind. Please remember that I am an armymen.

1. Did government of India ban the release of ADHM ? It was a citizens movement who felt that we must not deal with anything even remotely related to Pakistan. Army never supported any such movement at least of what I know of in public domain information. By negotiating the release of movie isn’t that you have compromised on the ethos of armd forces which is #NationFirst.

2. By hijacking a citizens movement you have also tried to gain Oneupmanship in the current political setup. In pure and correct reference of terms, this may be a classical case of BLACKMAILING and that too on behalf of the armed forces? Have you not put a price tag for the I’ll deeds of #sicularists and #awardwapsigang at the cost of most professional and forces of the world?

3. By claiming to have negotiated on behalf of the Armd forces or for that matter nationalism of a comman citizen of this great nation ,haven’t you rather demeaned the sacrifice of our brave soilders? To start with so you think this will compensate for all the sick brigade of Aman ki asha giving them a open blanket sanction for any such future escapades?

4. Your amchi Mumbai slogans went silent immediately after the 26/11 attack when you suddenly realised that none of the martyred in operation to rescue Mumbai were from Mumbai and Mumbai belonged to all Indians and it was the city of armd forces to help own brotheren in that city.

5. And finally, this one is not a question but a request. Keep doing your politics but keep and forces away from this muck. I couldn’t have said the same in simpler English.



Lt Col Vijay Tomar


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