PM Narendra Modi saves life of Media Personnels : Know How?

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi saves life of several Media personnels at the launch of Sauni Project, says Deputy CM of Gujarat Shri Nitil Patel.

Speaking at a function after PM Modi inaugurated the ambitious Sauni project, Patel said that the Prime Minister was just looking at the flow of the water at the Aji-3 dam site after pushing a button to start the release from the dam. “The PM suddenly noticed that┬áseveral cameramen and photographers were standing on the downstream side. The strong flow of water released a little while ago was racing towards them and could have washed them away,” Patel said.

Busy taking photographs of the event, the cameramen and photographers were seemingly unaware of it. But by clapping his hands and with other gestures the Prime Minister alerted them and they escaped in time.” If the PM had not alerted them, a big mishap could have happened,” Patel said.

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