Political Opportunism
Political Opportunism
Navjot singh siddhu  joined congress party as a  last resort this election season .That photo op with RahulGandhi (alla-kamaan) is the official registration of becoming a picture perfect congressman after going through series of behind the curtain deals and settings . Eventually clearing finale of thrashing and bulldozing one’s self respect to self gratifying materialistic gains much needed for survival in this cruel political world .Vowing for life to bow infront of  hollow and unavailing present leadership of a grand old party.
loyalties are inversely proportional to personal gains in politics . During election season specially when the fate of incumbent political party and other parties in the run to the power started shifting from power centers to the common people in the form of vote, party hopping becomes a very common malpractice .Though switching sides in politics is actually a very calculative and justified move and much needed at times .We call it opportunism and the defector will say its the call of inner voice which they actually ignored for all good reasons .
Political opportunism can be defined as an attempt to maintain political support or increase political influence, in away which disregards relevant ethical or political principles. Therefore we can say party hoppers are torch bearers of political  opportunism .With due respect to this aspect of polity, what hurts the most is when an impressive ,conspicuous personality switch side or changes ideology after going through series of negotiations and clandestine rendezvous with leaders of almost all the parties in the vicinity .
At present the perfect example of political opportunism that’s doing rounds is none other than ” Navjot Singh Sidhu” .Sidhu has it all from being an iconic cricket legend to great orator , commentator noted for his one liners also known as “sidhuism” . A rhetorician and a famous TV personality . In the field of politics Sidhu has been a member of parliament ,an active member of BhartiyeJantaParty for more than a decade .Until he decides to join Indian National Congress . After failing to convert Awaaze-e-Punjab in to a party. Now enjoying fruits of his labor in the form of Amritsar (East) seat as congress nominee
This shameless display of party hopping shows how a public icon compromises with his ethics and succumbs to personal gains and preferences .For past ten years he has literary mocked Gandhi dynasty to its core . Due to his over the top one-liners, he was used as a star campaigner in taking congress . He did that with complete conviction in rallies and public gatherings .He ridiculed youth icon of the party ,he has just passed his loyalties too as ” Pappu” and stated congress party as “Munni se bhi jyada badnaam”. He  anointed ex prime minister as “na sardar na asardar”. Such was the level of respect he use to carry for the party and his leaders which he has joined just 20 days ahead of Punjab elections .
Now what’s mind boggling is that either what he said for the past ten years were blatant lies or what now he’s saying and lamenting in Punjab is nothing but false statements .Irony died a thousand deaths because a person who use to ridicule Congress just a few months back has just declared himself as a ” born congress man ” and announced his entry in congress as ” home coming”. This is such a hypocrisy ,everyone knows you had series of meetings with all parties in the arena. Trying hands in striking a deal with anyone that comes your way .Ultimately when the crossword was fixed in  place according to your wishes,next moment you mutated in to a born congressman and started discourse on Punjabiyat and deshprem etc etc
Question is for how long people of this country be fooled by the crocodile tears of such defectors .Its time we as a voter must understand the importance of our vote and must give an insight into such nefarious political practices .Every vote counts . Voting is the most important exercise for a responsible citizen in a democratic nation .Its our voice in the government . Its the only abode of our betterment and so lets not choose opportunist and party hoppers but true representatives of our interest. Lest it drowns under the quagmire of lies and hypocrisies of political turncoats

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