Real and Reel

Real and Reel

When we get older we forget our childhood persona and with age as well as work mature up in today fast paced society it is tough to be calm and lessen stress. Many a times we control expressing ourself in front of others for fearing to be called immature too sensitive and even kid dish.

Should a person always not be him or herself and put up a facade will that help an individual. As one gets older and more professional it is paramount to maintain a good demeanour a calm in our persona but at the same time what we are inherently we should not forget.

As there is a kid in all of us and that should never go away come what may
I as an individual still love playing snakes and ladders jumping in mud in rain ringing bells of people house and running away . Many a times we end up thinking what will people say if we behave or dress in a certain manner . We must dress and act as per occasion but don’t forget what you like. If you like vibrant colours like doing kid dish stuff go ahead do it you are your best judge don’t let people bog you down and comments of people put you down
At any age what we did when we were young we still want to do so go ahead and do it . True we must be good examples for younger generation but it also means to be yourself rather than pretend to be someone who you actually aren’t
All individuals have their own persona and qualities what is important to have a great heart and value people and BE YOURSELF

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