Return of BJP Monk : Murali Sharma in Odisha

murli sharma
murli sharma

Social Media has become a vital platform to express our views and after arrival of Modiji Govt in 2014, now SM has become a revolution among youths and all class people.

                                        This is a story of a BJP monk, Social Worker, true nationalist and a social media warrior. But the story does not begin here, it is somewhere near 2013 Sep, when Lok Sabha fight was very crucial and sometimes bilateral and sometimes trilateral angle of fight made the fight very interesting. The stake of BJP and Modiji was on bet.

                                 Meanwhile there were lots of chaos in Odisha BJP in 2013. Modi tsunami was expected to blow Odisha, experts were claiming for new equations. Unfortunately things were not moving on track, a BJP leader of 2 decades, had a RSS family background and himself member of RSS, sidelined and dumped by State Leadership assigning a miserable reason of Indiscipline/anti party activities that even the leader himself did not notice in himself.

                                     Let us go in flashback of 1990s. Fall of VP Singh Govt, withdrawal of support by BJP, rise of a new student leader in Barbil. Murali Sharma, a very common name of kheonjhar, Odisha. Sharma has dedicated his 25 years in politics for BJP, RSS as a staunch hindu, activist as a social Worker.

                               Sharma is born on 17th Aug 1966, his father Tarachand Sharma, a dedicated RSS member, mother Mohini Devi, housewife. Sharma started politics through student movements during College through ABVP. Meanwhile Graduated from Kheojhar college with first class with distinction in Commerce.

                                     Sharma joined active politics as Barbil Nagar BJP President. He highlighted the need of Road, Water, Electricity as well as establishment of court and fire-stations. He stages many demonstrations and dharna for this social causes of developments of Barbil. In 1992, Sharma appointed as BJYM President of Kheonjhar District. In 1993, Sharma appointed as General Secretary of Kheojhar. In 1997-2000 and 2006-2009 appointed as District President of Kheojhar District.


                                         Sharma developed a strong hold in mineral rich Kheojhar as Strong Trade Union Leader in BMS, Bolani Mazdoor Sangh and advocated for the welfare of labour force. Sharma was also involved in social activities like distribution of relief materials cyclone affected areas of Ganjam and Balasore. Apart from this, he was executive member of Marwari Yuva Morcha. He was also involved in organizing medical camps, blood donation camps, ambulance services etc.

         Sharma highlighted many burning issues of Kheojhar. Pessenger Train connectivity from other parts of Odisha and conditions of NH-215, termed them as dealth trap. He explained the logic of Economic Blockade of Kheojhar due to lack of minimum basic facility like Pessenger Train, NH etc. Demonstration against Black marketing of fertilizers and Gherao of corrupt Babus are also few activities by which Sharma attracted the attention of entire Odisha towards Kheojhar.

                                           Mining Scam and plight of River Baitarani are two major updates of Odisha. Sharma brought Mining Scam in public domain, busted it via a huge rally in Kheojhar town. He fought against MNCs to stop use of Holi River Baitarani for commercial interests. He also highlighted the pity conditions of farmers of Kheonjhar. Sharma is termed as Baitarni Putra by local villagers. Apart from this Sharma is also great Art lover & columnist. He has promoted Odisha’s ancient martial heritage of Paika Warriors for many years.

                                           Now flash back over, real movie starts from here. Sharma served suspension from BJP in Sep 2013 for anti-parties activities, in between tussle of Lok Sabha Polls 2014. Angry BJP workers and Sharma fans demonstrated in front of State Party Office and all over Kheonjhar. In Press release Sharma termed allegations as baseless and explained his status, in which he clearly mentioned that there was no such anti-party activity was going on that, we were occasional friends sitting at my Bbsr residence, discussing about ULB Polls miserable performance of party – a kind of private chit –chat. Suddenly media persons came and asked for a bite, reasons behind this meeting. Sharma told to reporters that this is just a common gathering, no party motives. Asking for a bite – Sharma told that we are working to strengthen party and our focus is General elections.


                                         Murali Sharma was very active in Social Media that time, he was somewhat shocked, anxious about his future course. He made SM as a tool to connect with people of all over Odisha and India. He started sharing various activities of BJP and Modiji.

                        On call of Modiji – Run for Unity, Sharma aggressively campaigned for it on ground as well as SM. An Event post of Facebook by Murali Sharma surprisingly attracted 7500+ participants in Bhubneshwar for Run for Unity program. This program was quite successful, added Sharma as Rank-4 in All India Ranking Leaderboard of Run for Unity.

                                   Sharma was not confined to SM only, since there was no official role in BJP, he started acting as a mentor for several teams. On demand of several Modi fannisters, he formed a team – Modi Sena and decided to add values for General Elections. He never limited his participation in political affairs only. Modi Sena was hit among youngsters in Odisha, especially during Modi’s Vijay Sankalp Samavesh, Bhubneshwar in Feb 2014 during LS2014. Thousands of Modi Sena volunteers gathered at rally ground with banners of Modi Sena to make that event successful.

                                        Bharat Raksha Manch, BRM and Hindu Jangruti Samiti are two other profiles of Murali Sharma. Sharma is acting as National Convenor of BRM and active volunteer of Hindu Jangruti. From Bangladesi infiltrators to other National Security matters are several time highlighted by Sharma in several occasions and several platforms. Through BRM, he is awarding the families of Army personnel’s, who lost their life for our country. Through Hindu Janjagruti, he is spreading the message of Sanatam dharm to all over India.

Recently BRM, Bharat Raksha Manch has highlighted the issue of Cow Saver guy of koraput Tirtha Shankar Sahu, who allegedly harassed by Odisha police on false allegations. Sharma met with Home Minister of India along with Sahu and asked for justice for him.

                                   Really this BJP Monk has surprised many of us by his various social and political contributions towards BJP and people of Odisha. Still he is working day and night to serve BJP and humanity, apart from this that he was not in party. Answering to one question regarding his works, apart from Suspension, he replied Atal ji lines as – Kya haar me, Kya jeet me…… ho kuch per, haar nahi manunga.



Finally BJP has returned this Monk, after seeing his rigorous activities day and night for society, party, RSS, Modiji and humanity. There is a great joy among Murali Sharma’s supporters. Thousands of party workers collected at party office, along with Sharma, while meeting to BJP State supremo. Social Media activists are also very motivated and energized by this action and hopeful for bright future of BJP in Odisha. We are also giving our best wishes to BJP and Murali Sharma for this new Avatar in Odisha.  

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