The third person in a marriage : An Opinion

Third Person Marriage

What happens when the then seeming endless phase of parties and holidays is over? When you don’t look the same as you used to, having been carefree about putting on some weight.  Your topics of conversations have changed from planning your next holiday destination to planning for the children and their future. You’re no longer footloose to let your inner explorer take over you. Neither can you afford to be frivolous about money.

You are now a parent!

As exhaustive as the process is physically, the emotional toll that it takes on a couple is also not to be ignored. From a cozy couple you suddenly have to make way for a third one in your marriage. Read as much as you can before getting into this but neither of you are actually prepared for what hits you.

While the benefits of being a parent makes every struggle worth it, it definitely tests your marriage because accept it or not, it is an intrusion (albeit a welcome one) in the space which was only meant for you.

Also the fact that a child usually comes in your life after you have been married for a fair amount of time, the timing of this may coincide with a midlife crisis of sorts. You both may already be going through the phase of “He does not look at me the way he used to…She’s nitpicking about everything…”

It’s so very important that at this time, you’re both there for each other. As friends, companions or lovers. It does wonders to spend some time alone talking about anything that does not involve the child, your parents or even mundane chores of the house. It will do wonders to your soul if you just pamper your partner with some affection and attention.

Life will always try to come in the way of your dreams as the daily grind and the rigmarole of responsibilities will try hard to blow away the candle of love and romance. But keep that flame burning and you’ll see magic. As adorable as the third person is in your marriage, your marriage is just between the two of you. Keep it that way!

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