Three methods for a better living

better living
better living

Life is a seesaw an uphill task for all. Each person has their own struggle own fantasies own dreams and own funds.

I reminisce had gone for a check up at the Dr and he said something which really struck a cord he mentioned he gets up at 5 daily for a workout come what May and does have nearly two hrs time which his own.

Introspection improvement and upgradtion is something which we all look at. Many a times we get so busy that we forget to enhance our knowledge. One has to take a download from our immediate family to see what we as a person should improve work on these and see life will be simpler. As each person has their own whims and fancies so we have to see what best we can do to improve us first.

Reading and sharing knowledge is biggest asset. We must try and play games which are brain teasers like name of 5 companies which make indian wear or name of 5 men perfume companies it can go to difficult ones too.

Whatever we do we have to try and upgrade and improve it with passing time as in today’s competitive world one has to change. To keep pace with teenagers it is good idea to keep updated about their music likes and fashion trends so that you can be a friend to your children nieces and nephews. To reprimand a younger family member is to first make them understand them what are effects of any wrong they do rather than raising voice.

Each person has a hobby and a passion for something which is their hidden talent so with busy schedule don’t let that go you are your biggest motivator. If we like to read write sing dance paint whatever keep doing it for yourself as that can be the biggest stress reliever.

If we help people that also really changes are perception of life.

Life is a mix of sorrow anger love happiness but what we make of it each day is important.

So we all should try to negate negativism improve our knowledge work out and be helpful.


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