Top 10 Must have Chrome extensions for SEO

Google chrome web store is today offering so many extensions to make browsing super fast and easy. It is a bit difficult to choose one from the various. If you are an SEO executive then this is more important for you to know the amazing extensions by Google which can help you a lot in analyzing and browsing.

I would say not all the extensions are good few of them are worthless. We tried to sort a list of extensions especially useful for SEO people.

Top 10 Must have Chrome extensions for SEO

1.Evernote Web clipper

With the power of significant note taking capabilities it made to be the first in our list. Evernote basically save the whole page or the specific sections of the page for the future use. This is a very simplified tool so this can be used by even kids who love reading as well as writing.

10 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Seo - Buzztimes

2.SEO Quake

SEO Quake extension is used to easy analysis of the SEO matrix. The tool provide innumerable analysis aspects like backlink analysis, SEO audits, page views, page ranks etc. This tool os also capable of displaying results of analysis in SERP and user can also expoert the results for later use.

3. Moz Bar

Moz bar is the very popular name of the SEO world today. This tool is famous to calculate the Domain Authority and the Page Authority of the websites or web pages. Moz bar is fascinating users with its tremendous functions.


 4.Page Speed Insights

Today in the busy world people like the websites which loads faster. Even delay of few seconds can cause you thousands of customers. Page speed insight calculates the loading speed of the website in mobile as well as in desktop.


If you want to save content of the web page to watch later like videos or blogs then pocket is the best Google extension for you. After installing the extension a pocket icon will be visible to you in the Chrome toolbar. Whenever you feel you have to save some particular page or the content of the page for later then just click on the pocket icon. Pocket will save it for you and you may always find it in pocket if not deleted or removed.

6.Redirect path

If don’t know about the page redirection or you have less knowledge about this and you want to learn more, redirect path is all here to tell you what is it. Basically this tools help to know all the redirecting points of the websites or web pages.

7.SEO for Chrome

This is a fascinating plug-in by Google and for Google chrome. This extension helps you to know all the backlinks of the website. The extension helps you to determine the backlines of the competitors to achieve better results.

8.Page Analytics by Google

This tool allows you to figure out customers reactions for the webpage. This is just like Google analytics but for a quick view it is shaped up as an extension by Google.

9.SEO Site tool

The extension or tool provides all the information related SEO. It has some fixed sections like page elements, social media, page terms etc. It also provides the information about domain or server.

10.Majestic Backlink Analyzer

The tool comprises to see the important information backlinks of the web page. Majestic is true calculator because it doesn’t take help of any third party tool. This tool shows the insights of the website traffic as well.



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