Train the devil inside to be a beautiful human


We are lucky to be born humans

As a person we all have a huge range of emotions within some we show some we can’t

Many a times we see people who look sorted and feel that they have done no wrong in life but is it true that one can be so perfect to do nothing wrong in life ?  I personally feel it isn’t feasible

Many a times we do get affected by our surroundings people and also by people who get away by being fake buttering up and doing things wrong which go unnoticed but do they get a sound sleep?  The sound sleep and happiness one gets by doing the right thing and doing good is worth more than any jewels itself

Many a times we may have got cheated or someone may have stole something immediately we all want to punish that person and rightly so they must be punished

Only if we see fake ness around doesn’t mean we need to change our inherent nature to. Be the same

We do get an urge to be mean or rude to people but do we achieve what we want by doing so.? we cannot we get peace by going on the path which is wrong and leads to darkness

Best way to deal with any wrong thoughts is to beat them with good ones and to be thankful for what we have. As humans we can never be satiated as there is an urge to get more and that means to do more

There may be times we want to get back at someone who has wronged us this is but natural

Get back at them by doing better being a better human being yourself and not trying to let the devil come up and do wrong

We have to try and train our heart and mind for being a beautiful person

Many a times we hear people talking about someone and we also add there not realising by talking about someone it won’t change the person

Best way to deal with wrong thoughts is to realize them do away with them and concentrate on productive things



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