TRS MP And MLA List | Telangana Rashtra Samithi

TRS MLA list: Telangana Rashtra Samithi(TRS) are announced 105 candidates list for election after chief minister Kalvakuntala ChandrashekarRao’ss government dissolved the state assembly on Thursday. Two members of telangana MLAs were desied tickets. B Suman is currently the lok sabha MP from peddapalli, has been named as a candidate.

The telangana rashtra samithi candidates decision to dissolve the assembly was taken during a cabinet meeting. Kalvakuntala chandrashekar rao met telangana governor ESL narasimhan and submitted his governments recommendation. The governer has accepted KCR’s recommendation and asked him to his cabinet has take charge as the caretaker government. The telangana government voters are likely to go to the polls erlier than scheduled now.


Telangana state was supposed to hold the assembly elections at the same time 2019 lok sabha elections also. The purpose of the decision to hold early elections is being taken to that the mood during the general elections next year and it doesn’t overshadow the assembly polls.


Kalvakuntala chandrashekar rao’s government has dissolved the telangana assembly.

Telangana government is likely to hold the early assembly election.

Telangana rashtra samithi(TRS) has released a list of 105 candidates assembly.

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