Uri Aftermath: Modi makes Pakistan an international pariah


After one of the deadliest attack on Army in over a decade, where 18 soldiers were martyred, there have been tensions brewing between India and Pakistan. Social media is abuzz with suggestions, trends and requests for Narendra Modi to attack Pakistan in most ferocious way. PM Modi is conducting meetings with chiefs of armed forces and security agencies regularly. Some troops movements along the LOC is also reported in section of media. Couple of days back there was an unconfirmed report by a News website of Indian troops crossing over LOC and attacked  terror camps in POK where 20 militants are dead, which is strongly denied by large section of media.

However it’s not easy for India to go on with war with an irresponsible enemy which is armed with nuclear weapon without reassuring ourselves with war preparedness. Vital installations both military as well as civil, has to be safeguarded and proper alignment of troops has to be insured before going out on war mode with Pakistan. It takes months to do so. Any attack on Pakistan has to be seen with China’s perspective as China would like to safe guard its installation and manpower working at China – Pak economic corridor and can support Pakistan to serve its own interest. While India is likely to get support from Afghanistan and Vietnam to use its soil as military base which will enhance its striking power as well as to keep an eye on China.

In the meantime Pakistan finds itself isolated among world communities aftermath of Uri attack. US, Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and even Afghanistan have condemned Uri attack. In United Nations General Assembly Pakistan tried its best to garner world attention on Kashmir, calling the slain terrorist Burhan Wani a young leader which was fiercely rebutted by India’s First Secretary at UN. Minister of External affairs Sushma Swaraj is expected to address UNGA today and will further isolate and humiliate Pakistan. Russia cancelled its joint military exercise with Pakistan in POK and confined this exercise to Cherat, which has embarrassed Pakistan a great deal.

India has upped the ante against Pakistan. While we are trying to isolate Pakistan diplomatically, some of the key strategies can be implemented which can destroy Pakistan and without going for war.

  • Pakistan still enjoys the most favoured nation (MFN) status which India can withdraw, which will drastically affect Pakistan bourses.
  • India has given ample hint that Indus Water Treaty is being reconsidered. If India scraps this, almost entire Pakistan will go dry.
  • As of now almost all International flight which takes off from Pak, crosses Indian airspace. If India closes its airspace for Pakistan’s airlines, it will have to take an alternate route which will bleed Pakistan financially and severely hit its economy.
  • India stops all diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Closes its embassy and consulate and ask Pakistan envoy to leave the country.

What action Narendra Modi is going to take will be clear in coming weeks. While opposition parties will further criticise Modi for any action he takes. But one thing is pretty sure he will make Pakistan pay for Uri in a way that Pakistan will remember for centuries. 2 years of Modi’s foreign policy has worked in India’s favour and Pakistan stands exposed and isolated internationally.

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