Vijender beats Kerry Hope to claim WBO title

Vijender Singh
Vijender Singh

Indian Boxing Star Vijender Singh beats Kerry Hope (98-92, 98-92, 100-90) to claim WBO Asia Pacific Middle weight title. Round wise progress is as under:

  1. Vijender connects well in round one.
  2. Vijender was on top in the second round also
  3. Kerry Hope settles a bit in round three. Both Vijender and Kerry connected well in this round.
  4. Vijender started off well in fourth round but Kerry Hope fought back well and dominated this round.
  5. Vijender was on assault in fifth round as well but this time he missed a lot. Kerry again dominated this round by showing his experience.
  6. Vijender once again rocked Kerry. Kerry started off well in sixth round but later it was Vijender on the top.
  7. Even round for both the boxers. Both Vijender and Kerry had few good assaults on each other in seventh round.
  8. Once again the Indian boxer Vijender got better of Australian boxer Kerry Hope. Vijender continued his assault and Hope looked a bit tired. In 8th round.
  9. Vijender again on top in ninth round. Both boxers did well in ninth round but Vijender was better than Hope. Now Vijender had an added advantage for the final round.
  10. In the final round, Kerry Hope started well with a left jab. Vijender was looking to block the round out but Hope was coming with all guns blazing. Both Vijender and Hope came out with plenty of punches in the final minute of the final round, although many of them were misses. In the end Vijender came with big right Jab and Hope was moving across the ring. That was it. Vijender closes the final round well.

After Vijender was announced the winner he said, ” Thank you India, Thank you so much. It is all about the nation, our country and finally we did it. Kerry fought really well. ”

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