What will Kashmir choose, being an Orchard or would stay in its predicament ?


Kashmir is the most neurotic issue of our country. Talking about it, itself gathers so many ears to listen, many more eyes to read, unfortunately lesser mind to resonate, and sadly millions of mouth to scream/speak. Indeed, we have got FoS.
Apparently, so many people manage to preach about injustice in Kashmir and it’s people’s perverse proclivity to join terror state or be an independent state.
Even, if I speak in Kashmiri’s aspect, who are busy behaving like a stubborn kid, crying and screeching for an absurd cause, i.e; Azaadi. But I personally am sure that they haven’t got a single hunch that what if India actually withdrew all its investments, time, energy, and emotions and stop guarding them day and night ?
Kashmir is certainly a fresh food for parched and ravenous Pakistan. It is slowly and steadily becoming terror hub. Known for its beauty and a permanent cynosure for its terrible past, Kashmir is the bone of contention since 70 years.
Actually, Democratic Development was limited in Kashmir until the late 1970s, and by 1988 many of the democratic reforms introduced by Indian government had been reversed. And 1990 is the darkest year in the history of Kashmir, that will haunting Indian history till the end of time . Followers of Islam mercilessly massacred 4,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits and compelled them to leave their state. Kashmiri Pandits still live in refugee camps. They still can’t return to their home land. What should i say, We are Secular? Then, in 2010, unrest erupted after alleged encounter of local youth by security forces, Correction; they were Mujahideens. So these encounter caused a dramatic increase in support of insurgents, advocating violent sessions from India. The conflict has however become lesser deadly in recent years.
Now, to avenge the lives of their hero’s, kids came to battlefield with some stones in their hand to intercept Army. Thousands of youth pelted security forces with rocks, burned govt offices and attacked railway stations and official vehicles steadily intensifying violence. Do I need to mention who was behind the scenes ?
We are dealing with a sadist country who loves to stay obscurantist and why not, their kind of Islam says so.
Clearly, Kashmir is now more about Hurriyat, Jamuriyat, Kashmiriyat and more Arabic words that I don’t know about, but not Insaniyat.
In 2014, elections happened and it had break voting records of last 26 years. Some analyst said that these 65% votes are precisely for better food and electricity connections. Well, Propagandist Pakistan wasn’t supplying food for its alleged potential citizens, but just trucks loaded with rocks. Great Job Peaceful Pakistan.
Now, talking about our government, its disheartening to accept that Indian government was quiescent for almost 30 years and now is trying to maintain rapport, which seems null and void, because, why, I should not mention our government’s blunder and loopholes that certainly lead to mistrust in between Army and Kashmiris.
Our govt is super lethargic and reckless when it comes to taking prompt and iron fist decisions. India’s Fabian Policy has lead our Army to carry coal to new castle. Despite their sheer hard work and perseverance there, they get humiliated by its so-called alleged freedom fighters.
These Stone Pelters, Separatists, Pro-Pakistanis and Azaadi Gang can/should never be part of India. I don’t want any toxic group to ever exist in India. Because by the grace of Pak, we have got mercenaries like Barkha, Rana, Shehla, Kanhaiya, Khalid, and Kavita these are deprived souls of Pak, working hard to make their masters happy again. Their journalism-cum-jingoism for Pakistan makes them well hated across the nation. So my only request to these liberals of India and ass-lickers of Pakistan is to reconsider their nationalism. I mean, why not live in a country, you can’t stop singing/bragging about ? Give it a try and leave us. Stop sucking out the integrity of our nation like some dementor.
Now coming back to the stonepelters, the only hope of Kashmiris, if you ask me why I don’t consider Mujahedeens as fighters, my answer would be – because they have misinterpreted the term fighter. It would not add glory to their cowardly act.
I don’t believe there could be any religion out of 4,200 religion in the universe that will ask its followers to massacre and lynch people and hail PEACE. That they meant PEACE by all those BOOMS !!!
The problem is, populace of J&K is suffering with hypochondria (imaginary disease) i.e; fear of being loved and protected and that India is an evil country! While double faced Pak is nonpareil entity !
I wanted to hold scales even, so I tried to educate my about this conflict and talked to a Kashmiri, he was a polite guy, he said, he’s a “Converted Muslim” and he misses his Pandit relatives yet he demands freedom because he hates Indian Government and Army.
In the scrimmage, between two nations for precisely a piece of land. People and Soldiers eventually are loosing their lives. However, the whole struggle is paltry in my eyes. Pelting stones will not grant them freedom, in fact, it will work as red rag to a bull. If they are Jihadi and rigorous enough, then they can expect Salvation anytime, anywhere. Just because we prefer and promote pacifism, doesn’t mean we can’t make a terror sponsoring country lick the dust.
Enough of oily tongue and flower bouquets. Indian govt needs to hit the nail on the head, otherwise keep nursing grudges and chaos for some more years. Let’s not repeat the same old mistake or else, India will be bound to cut a sorry figure globally.

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